How to Gradually Adopt A Clean Beauty Routine


When it comes to fueling our body and mind, we all recognise the importance of things we put inside our bodies. What about our skincare routine? The chemicals you put on your skin also get absorbed into your bloodstream. Certain chemicals present in beauty care products are harmful, not only to your health but also to the environment. So, one of the most crucial decisions you can make is choosing safer beauty products. Nowadays, people are aware and look for clean beauty products that are free of hazardous chemicals. If you are wondering how to adopt a clean beauty routine, we will help you with this.

Read on to know about the ways for a gradual transition to a clean beauty routine. But first of all, let’s understand what is clean beauty and why is it important?

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is a broad term that means the use of products that are free from toxic chemicals. These products do not contain chemicals that harm the health of consumers or the environment. They are naturally derived and sustainable. The packaging material used for these products is recyclable or biodegradable.

Why is clean beauty important?

The beauty products you are using to beautify yourself may negatively impact your health. Approximately 84,000 chemicals are there in the market, and safety studies of only 1% of these chemicals have been done. Chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, methane, and lead may cause cancer. Many chemicals are linked to leukemia, pneumonia, Autism, etc. Thus, it is imperative to identify companies that formulate clean products which provide nutrition to your skin.

How to adopt a clean beauty routine?

Most of us have the habit of using the same products year by year. Usually, the first step is hard— try to keep it simple. Swapping all your makeup essentials and skincare products at once may be overwhelming. However, a gradual transition is pocket-friendly as well as achievable. The following ways will help you to adopt a clean beauty routine:

  • Educate yourself about the ingredients
  • It is important to become familiar with the common toxins present in your beauty, hygiene, and skincare products as the beauty industry lacks regulation. If you want to enter the clean beauty world, the Environment Working Group (EWG) acts as a lifeline. This non-profit organisation has a database of about 80,000 products in its system. There is a breakdown of every chemical in the products, and you can check the rating of each chemical and choose what is safe for you. You can choose products with a rating between 1 and 2. There are other trusted resources over the internet that help you with information about various ingredients.

  • Identify harmful ingredients
  • Knowing about the harmful ingredients will make the transition easier for you. Some harmful and commonly used ingredients are:

    • A commonly used preservative in makeup and body care products is paraben which can cause hormonal imbalance.
    • Polyethylene glycol affects the production of natural moisture of the skin.
    • Shampoos and face washes contain sulphates as a cleansing agent that can irritate the skin and eyes.
    • The mineral oil present in cosmetics may clog the pores and cause acne.
    • Phthalates are associated with thyroids, diabetes, and birth defects.
    • Antiperspirants contain aluminium zirconium that causes breast cancer. Try natural Forest Fragrant Natural Deodorant that is gentle on the skin.

  • Make the important changes at first
  • After getting information about the various ingredients, the next most important step is to choose the products you use daily and wear them for long hours on your skin. The ingredients in these products are entering your system more often and causing more harm than good. First of all, swap out your sunscreen with natural ones like Ayurvedic Sunscreen SPF 30. Then swap your cream with Organic Face and Body Nourish Cream free from chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulphates. The cream is enriched with nutrient-rich bio-ingredients and uses recyclable and sustainable packaging.

    You can swap your night cream with Soyabean Extract Daily Nourishing Night Cream fortified with olive plant extract and soybean. This cream reduces skin damage caused by pollution and rejuvenates your skin. You may swap your moisturizer with the Pure Sandalwood and Saffron Day Cream that is paraben-free, sulphate-free, and preservative-free. Its natural ingredients restore the skin’s natural glow. Further, Organic Beta Scar Corrector Mint and Basil Moisturiser is a multi-tasking cream that diminishes uneven skin tone and provides protection against environmental stressors.

    Then comes your lip balm and lipstick that we more often ingest every day, even without noticing.  Natural Watermelon Lip Butter Balm is an excellent natural lip balm that provides soft and smooth lips. Swap your current lipstick with Ultra Comfortable Satin Matte Lipstick that is available in 10 super flattering shades suitable for all occasions. Each lipstick is enriched with natural ingredients that give a perfect finish. All Day Gel Kajal is ophthalmologically tested and is suitable for contact lens users. It glides on smoothly and delivers a high-impact gel finish.  And the use of Everyday Mascara Refill is a natural way to add volume to your eyelashes.

  • Sort and purge
  • Sort out all your products such as skincare, haircare, beauty, and makeup products. Then check the expiry date of each product. Discard the products that are expired or near expiry. Swap these products with new clean beauty products. It will help in the easy transition and keep the cost low. You can start with the products that absorb your skin, such as serum, moisturiser, oil, deodorants, etc. Moreover, you can ask yourself a few questions:

    • How frequently do I use this product?
    • What are the ingredients in my current cosmetics?
    • Is this product adding value to my current beauty care routine?
    • Is this product safe for me?

    You will be able to decide whether to keep or purge the products once you answer these questions.

  • Identify clean beauty labels and do mindful shopping
  • You need to develop the habit of reading labels if you are looking for a healthy and mindful skincare journey. Most manufacturers list only active ingredients and leave other inactive ingredients that make the bulk. Some manufacturers hide the toxic ingredients. But nowadays, due to increased demand for transparency, many brands that offer clean beauty are being upfront with their cosmetic ingredients. Always look for the active ingredients first and then find out the other ingredients to ensure that no harmful chemicals are present in the product you will buy.

    Mindful shopping is a crucial part of a clean beauty routine so that you can relish the safest deep-conditioning hair masque or a relaxing massage. At Amala Earth, you can find all types of clean beauty alternatives to your current products.

    Final words    

    Everything around us is made up of chemicals, including water, air, and even we humans. Chemicals are not bad, but the key is to find the right one that is natural and good for you and the environment. The first and foremost step towards clean beauty is to decide to switch to non-toxic products. And then learn how to gradually shift to clean products so that you can invest in products that are safe, convenient, and sustainable.