7 Reasons Why Tencel Is Perfect For Summer

Key Takeaways:

  • Tencel is an eco-friendly option made from eucalyptus wood pulp.
  • Tencel absorbs moisture 50 times better than cotton.
  • Tencel makes it ten times more difficult for bacteria to grow, hence is great for athleisure.
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A change in season means redoing your wardrobe according to the temperature and weather. With heat waves around, choosing a suitable fabric that makes you comfortable is essential. Even though there are a lot of fabrics to choose from, people usually struggle to find the right one. Most believe that cotton is the ideal summer fabric. But if you have not heard about tencel fabric, this blog is for you.

Tencel is an incredible summer fabric with ample benefits. It is a perfect sustainable fashion solution for conscious buyers. Besides, Tencel is wonderful for our planet in more ways than one. Let’s explore more about Tencel - the eco-friendly clothing option you should give a try.

What Is Tencel Made Of?

What is tencel? It is a common question that a lot of you may have. Tencel is an eco-friendly, man-made fibre made using natural ingredients. Tencel is made using the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel is sustainable and can be altered to match the end product. From tencel clothing to beddings, anything can be made using it. Let's see the reasons why you should try tencel this summer.

Benefits of Tencel

Being relaxed and comfortable on a hot summer day is the essence of choosing the perfect fabric. Amongst the different handwoven and natural fabrics, why tencel? Here are some fantastic tencel benefits to make you adore this fabric.

  1. It Can Absorb Moisture

Are you wondering if tencel fabric is good for summer compared to cotton? The primary advantage of using tencel is its ability to absorb moisture. It absorbs moisture 50% better than cotton, making it ideal for summer. You can wear it all day long & not feel sweaty. You can pair tencel shorts with tencel shirts for a perfect summer afternoon.  

  1. It Is Breathable

Tencel is a highly breathable fabric that will keep you fresh and cool on the hottest days. Is tencel breathable like cotton? It tops the latter! Go for tencel breathable dresses and figure out the difference yourself.

  1. It Is Antibacterial

Tencel has excellent antibacterial properties making clothes stay fresh for longer. Tencel combined with other cellulose fabrics slows the bacteria's growth. Thus, it makes bacterial growth ten times more difficult than cotton. It is also an odour-resistant material, making it a perfect choice for gym-enthusiasts.

  1. It Is Soft And Comfortable

Tencel's supreme quality feel is its key advantage. Its fine fibres make it super soft and comfortable on the skin. Tencel is two times softer than cotton. People often face skin problems in hot weather. With tencel, this is not going to be an issue. 

  1. It Is Strong

Tencel is highly robust and durable than other materials. Most fibres indeed shrink or lose their shape after being washed. Does tencel shrink? No, you don't have to worry about it. Tencel won't lose shape, stretch or shrink even after several repeated washings.

  1. It Is Biodegradable

Tencel is produced from wood pulp and is 100% biodegradable. Tencel can decompose in less time than other fabrics. Moreover, it does not need harmful pesticides or chemicals to grow, making it a vegan clothing option.

  1. It Is Easy To Upcycle

Production of tencel was done keeping fading issues in mind. People discard clothes more often when they fade. However, tencel clothes do not easily fade. Moreover, they are easy to dye, making them an excellent upcycled clothing option. Unlike other fabrics, you don’t need to bleach or use chemicals to dye tencel. 

Final Thoughts

The soft fibres of tencel will keep you dry in summer and make you feel good all day. People with skin issues and allergies can switch to tencel clothing for an enhanced experience. Add some tencel clothes to your summer wardrobe, as it is one of the best fabric options for surging temperatures.  

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