5 Must-have Essentials for Baby

The arrival of a baby is always a special and joyous occasion for not just the parents, but the larger family as a whole. The arrival of a new life is celebrated with gifts, cards, and accessories. However, choosing baby clothes is one of the most important tasks for your little ones. This is primarily because their sensitive skin can get irritated quickly and easily, making them prone to cloth reactions. Secondly, their body functions are still developing, making it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature.

Hence, it becomes crucial for baby clothes to be able to protect against temperature variations.  Choosing the right fabric and clothes for your baby is critical to their health, especially in the first few months.

The Right Fabric for Babies

There are tons of baby clothes from multiple brands that are available around us. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, with each of those brands trying hard to impress new parents that their product is the best suited for babies.  However, traditional handcrafted products are the most suitable choice for these babies. Special care has to be taken to ensure the right fabric. Here are some of the most recommended fabric types for babies:

Cotton: It is the most popular choice for baby apparel. Organic cotton is particularly soft, highly absorbent, and safest, considering they are grown and processed without toxins or chemicals.

Bamboo Rayon: It is the perfect material for babies' swaddles, blankets, hats, quilts, etc. In addition to being a purely organic material, the most significant attribute of Bamboo Rayon is that it is an excellent thermal regulator, which means it adjusts itself to the child’s temperature.

Gauze: It is rightly called the perfect baby fabric. Also called muslin in many ready-made garments, gauze is light, breathable, and airy, making it a fantastic choice for your little ones. It comes in two forms. The single-gauze comprises only one layer of gauze, and the popular double-gauze comprises two layers of gauze at regular intervals.  The Japanese double gauze is in great demand worldwide for its ultra-softness and opacity.


Five Essentials That Are Must-Haves for Your Baby

Here are five handpicked products, compiled keeping in mind the changing weather conditions and the needs of city-dwelling parents.


  1. Cotton Mulmul Newborn Baby Swaddle | Pack of 3

Mulmul Swaddle by SuperBottoms, made out of 100% cotton mulmul, offers the best comfort for your little one and ensures uninterrupted sleep time. These beautiful swaddles, made of high-quality Mulmul, are prepared by self-help groups of underprivileged women in different parts of India. It showcases the traditional prints such as Ikat, Ajrakh and Batik on them, representing our culture and ethnicity.

This pack of three baby swaddles is multi-purpose and can have many uses, such as a scarf, blanket for the baby, bath towel for the baby, cloth diapers, a play mat, and sun shade cover, among several other uses.


  1. 100% Organic Cotton Large Muslin Wrap | Brown

100% Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap by Cot & Candy is safe, comfortable, stylish and built keeping in mind your children’s needs.  Made from durable, eco-friendly, and ethically made from 100% organic cotton, these muslin wraps are soft, gentle and anti-allergic for babies. Organic cotton is known to be soothing for the baby’s skin as it is grown and processed without any chemicals.

Muslin essentials are on the list of every newborn’s mom, and the Organic Muslin Wrap here is the best in class with eco-friendly colours, timeless style and exclusive designs.


  1. Muslin Cotton Kids Quilt | Frog

The Muslin Cotton Quilt by Ikeda Designs is elegant, cosy, and graceful at the same time. It is made of 100% cotton muslin that wraps your child in softness, warmth and a feeling of security. Be it the morning cuddles, naptimes, or the middle-of-the-night feedings, this muslin quilt is super comfortable for both the child and the mother alike.

Created by artisans from Sanganer and Bangru traditionally trained to make 100% authentic and breathable cotton block printed fabric for kids, these muslin quilts seamlessly blend conventional craft of dyeing and block printing with contemporary styles and patterns, thus celebrating the rich culture and tradition of India.


  1. White Warli Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper with Dry Feel Pads | Washable & Reusable

Washable and Reusable Organic Diapers by SuperBottoms was India’s best cloth diaper brand as per KSP 2017, 2018 and 2019 awards and is a proudly Made in India product with over two million happy customers. These 100% organic cloth diapers are washable and reusable and ensure zero irritation for your little one’s skin.

It can last up to 12 hours with additional Dry Feel Pads (soaker/insert), ensuring a good night’s sleep. Counted amongst the best organic cloth diapers in India, its outer shell is waterproof and comes with a 30% trimmer crotch assuring your baby’s comfort. Its free size enables you to continue with the same diaper till your baby is potty trained, and is made to be reused for a minimum of 300 washes.



  1. Organic Canvas Baby Bag | Flamingo Pink

The Organic Canvas Baby Bag from Mi Dulce An’ya is among the best and most convenient organic cotton cloth diaper bags in India. Made using the softest GOTS Certified Organic cotton and handwoven textiles, each baby bag is thoughtfully designed to feature hand-printed artisanal craftwork.

The bag comprises ten pockets including an easy-access front pocket and two insulated side bottle pockets, four interior pockets and two elasticized pockets, double shoulder handles with secure handle wraps, machine washable cushioned changing pad, and a water-resistant organic fabric body with an embroidered vegan leather pocket enabling custom name tag. Overall, it is comfortable, fashion-forward, and 100% organic and eco-friendly.



Handmade and handcrafted clothes made out of 100% organic and eco-friendly materials are the best choice you can make for your little darlings. It is not only a healthy choice for babies, but is also a responsible and sustainable choice you make for their future on this planet.

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