We understand the dilemma new parents go through in search of the perfect everyday household items for their precious little ones that are child-safe and organic, that can be used with a stress-free mind. This is why we go the extra mile to provide you with the same. Our products range from wooden bowls and plates of cute designs manufactured from pure wood (bamboo and mango) and stainless steel and baby bibs & night suits that are crafted from pure cotton. The bowls and plates come with silicon suction providing the added benefit of mess-free mealtimes with the plates and bowls staying in place if your child is in the learning stages of eating on their own. The cute designs and patterns on the wooden plates keep your child’s imagination growing and doesn’t let mealtimes reduce their fun times. Using eco-friendly products from a young age will craft your child’s mind to become better environmentally responsible and makes them more inclined to use sustainable products. Thereby with Tabar Toli we can join hands to create a better world for our next generation by setting the perfect example.

Amala Earth


Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Valley Culture
Sale price119 Regular price140 15% OFF
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Raamae
Sale price3,799 Regular price3,999 5% OFF


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