Wardrobe Staples for Summers

Every fashionista loves trends. And if you check a fashion fan’s wardrobe, you will find a bunch of clothes that are in trend lately. But there are a few summer essentials that all of our wardrobes deserve. These might not always be in trend, but having them in your closet means you can enjoy ultimate comfort in breathable pieces of fabric and they will remain classics throughout!

If you are confused about which clothes are perfect for your summer wardrobe, this blog is for you. Below we’ve covered everything from crop tops, t-shirts, and joggers to cotton pants. Let's take a look.

Crop Tops

Crop tops offer a relaxed and boxy fit to your body. Today, they have become an essential part of everyones’ summer wardrobe. Whether you are hitting a gym or are going for a morning run, crop tops are always available to your rescue.

You can pair them with your favourite pants or shorts, whatever feels comfortable. There are also tons of ways to style this piece of clothing. Crop tops also come in stretchable fabrics, making them a perfect choice for women of all ages and body shapes. 

Cotton T-shirt

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From crew neck t-shirts to chequered t-shirts, the options are countless. However, summers require something neutral, thin, and cotton. Comfortable fabrics are often people’s priority, as nobody wants to spend the entire day in uncomfortable clothes during the hot summer. 

Sweating is the biggest issue, along with fabric discolouration. Besides, nobody wants to add low-quality clothes to their summer wardrobe just to wear them once and throw them away. You can switch to organic cotton t-shirts to solve all the above problems. It is advised to go for organic t-shirts for their durability and earth-friendliness. 

High-waist Pants

If there’s one thing that can be paired with just about any top or shirt, it’s a high-waist pant. They are stylish as well as made of incredibly comfortable fabric. There’s no need to worry about the bulging at your waistline, as the cotton ones fit a bit higher on your torso than your regular jeans or trousers. They look beautiful with crop tops, shirts, chequered t-shirts, and nearly all tops.

Tank Top

The simple tops are now replaced by their more elegant and comfy counterparts, i.e., Tank Tops. These are not just summer essentials; this versatile piece of cloth is perfect for all seasons and events. Their use goes beyond just gym sessions and jogging. 

People have added multiple tank tops to their summer collection to beat the scorching heat. This wardrobe staple is also great for layering.


Shorts are another wardrobe staple for men and women. Thigh-length shorts are comfy and smart. Plus, they can be paired with just about any top. You can wear them with a scoop neck top or ribbed v-neck top

It is best to have at least 2-3 pairs of neutral-coloured shorts in your wardrobe for the summer season. They come in handy on vacations or short trips to the beaches. Just put on black shorts and pair them with crop tops, and you are good to go.


The sports pants that were primarily designed for athletes have now gone mainstream. From sportswear to leisure bottoms that can be worn multiple times, joggers make a great addition to a summer wardrobe. They feel light and comfortable on your skin. If you love your morning run or a workout session, buying a pair of these 100% pure cotton joggers can be a good decision. 

Cotton Clothes for Men

Cotton is an excellent water absorber, which explains its popularity in areas with scorching heat. From cotton Kurta for men to mens cotton shirts, there is an extensive range of options you can choose from. Organic cotton shirts for men are also becoming famous for their eco-friendly benefits. 

Bottom Line

Don’t miss the off-white camisole tops worn underneath your shirts and Kurtas. They can be convenient and turn your average clothes stylish. Adding a jacket over the camisole can sometimes result in a refreshing outfit.

Chanderi cotton kurta and cotton printed tunic are vital summer casuals for women. Whether a Kurta or a top, purchasing organic clothes is suggested for the best summer experience.