Vegan Footwear Perfect for the Rainy Season

The rainy season occurs between June and September in India and is one of the favourite seasons amongst people. With the monsoon approaching, it’s time to make a few wardrobe modifications. Besides clothes and bags, another category requires your special attention. Choosing the right footwear is an essential part of preparing to get drenched in the rain. 

Vegan footwear has emerged as a rainy-season special due to its durability, cruelty-free nature, waterproof design and quick-dry capabilities. Vegan footwear focuses on sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials. They are designed to stand and withstand harsh weather, making them ideal for the pitter-patter. 

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Let’s explore vegan footwear options and understand what makes them so special.

Flip flops

If you are looking for footwear with a comfortable fit and are easy to wear for the rainy season, the waterproof vegan flip flops make an excellent choice. Derived solely from plant-based and synthetic sources, they are a must-have in every individual’s collection. You can try vegan flip flops for rainy season in India, as they dry quickly.

Typically made from materials like natural rubber, they are known for their flexibility, durability, and comfort. Created using upcycled tyre wastes with 8mm insoles, they are an example of class and sustainability. Other positive aspects of vegan monsoon flip flops in India include adjustable buckles, sustainable packaging and an evergreen look.  


What makes the vegan sandals best suited for monsoon is their never-out-of-fashion style. Some sustainable vegan sandals for monsoon in India are made with 100% natural cork base and accompany rubber straps. Water-resistant nature, stylish appearance, warm fit and easy-to-clean properties make these vegan sandals mandatory for the Indian rains.

You can pair these rainproof vegan sandals for monsoon in India with pastels and knitted outfits for a statement look. Handcrafted by talented Indian artisans, these vegan sandals will surely align with your style and personality. 


Footwear lovers just cannot do without comfortable sliders. To add more to your comfort, we introduce eco-friendly vegan sliders for rainy season in India. When paired with the right outfit, they can steal the thunder. The vegan waterproof sliders for rainy weather in India are super absorbent and they dry in no time. 

You can pair the vegan sliders with almost any outfit and get a cool and stylish appearance. You can choose the best vegan sliders for rainy weather in India, as they are available in different designs, colours and styles. Whether you prefer simple, classic or more trendy designs, you can find the one that matches your taste. 

What Makes Vegan Footwear Special

The primary factor that makes vegan footwear special is that no animal products or by-products have been used in the making. Vegan footwear supports ethical and cruelty-free practices by avoiding animal materials. This footwear appeals not only to the ones inclined to a compassionate lifestyle but also to others in general.

Vegan footwear prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility. They use materials that have a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional footwear. Besides, vegan footwear brands focus on earth-friendly manufacturing processes, use recycled or biodegradable materials, and promote sustainable packaging. 

Why Is Vegan Footwear Right For Monsoon

Vegan footwear is usually made from waterproof materials like upcycled rubber and other plant-based materials. These materials are crucial in keeping your feet dry from the rain and water puddles during the monsoon. 

You will also find that vegan sandals or slippers dry much quicker than traditional footwear. It is immensely beneficial as you will likely encounter wet conditions in the monsoon frequently. The fast drying process helps minimise discomfort and also prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Wrap Up

Takeaway -

  • Vegan footwear focuses on sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials.
  • Vegan footwear is mainly made from waterproof materials and dries quickly, making them excellent for the rainy season.
  • Popular vegan footwear options for the monsoon include flip-flops, sandals, and slippers. 
  • Vegan footwear dries quickly, minimising discomfort and preventing the growth of fungus and bacteria during the rains. 

Vegan footwear is way easier to clean and maintain than traditional available options. Cleaning them can be as simple as wiping them with a damp cloth. Vegan footwear stands out due to its commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, innovation, and versatility. So, make conscious and compassionate choices this monsoon without compromising fashion or quality.

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