Playdate Essentials for Your Little Ones

Playdates are one of the best ways for the healthy development of preschoolers. Parents can organise it in their backyard, poolside, or within their home. However, including exciting and indulgent games and activities is key to hosting a successful playdate.

If it's your first time, this kid-friendly playdate essential checklist will help you set up a perfect party for tiny tots.

Soft toys 

Placing various soft toys for babies creates an appealing and fun environment. Kids at this age are often fussy about sharing their toys. Hence, they will learn to share toys with others during their playdates.

The most vital tip when organising playdates is to buy soft toys made of non-toxic materials for a safe playing environment.

You can pick cotton rag dolls, animals, stars, and moon-shaped soft toys for playdate. Handcrafted crochet soft toys are also great alternatives to add a unique touch to your kid's first playdate party.


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Play mats

Placing play mats for toddlers is another good idea to create a playful, hygienic and comfy ambience. Usually, play mats are available in different make and styles, such as hopscotch, alphabetic patterns, fruit images, and cartoon faces.

Play mats for infants are also portable options for host parents. You can quickly roll up and store them after the playdate ends. Besides, you can easily carry them to a new location while setting up your next playdate party.

Again, using play mats made of chemical-free and soft material is advisable as children have sensitive skin.

DIY Kits 

DIY kits for kids can pretty much keep them busy for a longer time while they do something fruitful. The joy of creating something new won't just boost their excitement but will also help build creativity skills.

You can choose from an array of mindful playing kits to make a playdate more interesting. Some recommended playdate DIY activity ideas are playdough, crafts, rangoli making and sewing projects for beginners. If you're planning a playdate in your garden, you can also include DIY grow kits to teach them earth-friendly living from a young age. 

These DIY craft kits for kids include all the necessary materials to create a masterpiece.

Board Games 

Educational board games that require two or more children to play are also fantastic choices for a playdate. These cooperative board games teach toddlers to take turns, follow instructions and sportsmanship. 

Moving around small pieces or rolling dice during the game will also build their motor skills. Further, board games for playdates can help improve communication skills that can benefit a shy or quiet kid to open up easily in everyday situations.

Building Blocks 

Blocks are open-ended toys that a child can combine and play in different ways. Building blocks with friends requires a lot of give and take. Hence, they will learn to work together harmoniously towards a common goal.

Soon they will start building bridges, structures, roads and unique patterns with time and learning. Sometimes kids also tell stories about what they are making, which promotes oral self-expression.

Further, building blocks toys for kids help boost their attention span and concentration abilities. The various stages of building blocks can also develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and cognitive skills.

Activity Toys

Children can never get enough of playing; because according to them, the more the toys are, the better it is. Besides, every kid has individual choices when it comes to fun. So keeping various activity toys can satisfy all your little party guests.

You can choose from a plethora of activity toys for toddlers to keep them engaged. It includes wooden kitchen sets, train sets, self-building pull toys, animal puzzles and many more. 

Final Words

  • Playdates are a source of learning as well as entertainment for toddlers.
  • You can help your kid stay active by organising regular playdates. 
  • Kids learn to socialise and share with children of the same age group. 
  • DIY activities and board games for children improve motor, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Nothing compares to the joy of playdates for kids. You can keep little ones entertained with the fun-filled games and activities recommended above. The friendly get-together party will also help your kiddo build healthy friendships and learn various skills from an early age. 

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