How to take care of your skin and hair this Holi?


The festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm and zeal. Commemorating the victory of good over evil, Holi celebration begins an evening before the day, starting with the traditional rituals of Holika Dahan, lightening of holy bonfire to initiate the festive vibes. 


Then comes the day when you splash colours on each other. While that’s the most beautiful occasion for Indians, the artificial colours might harm your skin and hair. Besides, the stain won’t come off easily. To help you enjoy a safe and clean Holi, we’ve compiled a list of some do’s and don’ts. Let’s take a look.

What to Do?

Get Yourself a White Cotton Kurta Pajama

Boys and girls are dressed in white kurtas in Holi. You may have a kurta set previously, but if it is not white, it is not going to give you the proper Holi vibes. 

A cotton beige or white kurta for men, for instance, makes a perfect outfit for Holi. These handcrafted kurta are comfortable and perfect for just about any occasion as they keeps your comfortable under the sun while engaging in the fun & frolic of Holi. 

So when the Holi is over, you can wash and reuse them for formal or informal events. Full-sleeve cotton wear is the best choice for Holi. They cover your skin, ensuring minimal skin exposure to the Holi colours, and are comfortable. 

Apply Almond Oil on Body & Hair

An important pre-Holi skincare routine includes almond oil application. Sweet almond oil acts as an emollient that forms a barrier between your skin and the Holi colours. It ensures that the colours do not penetrate into your skin and cause severe damage. You can also start using almond oil for skin at least 2-3 weeks before Holi to reduce the size of the pores and keep the colours from seeping into your skin. 

Use a Sunscreen

Sunscreen doesn’t just protect your skin from sun rays but is equally effective in defending your skin from damage from the colours. If you will spend the whole day outside playing Holi, wear a sunscreen and keep it in your bag as well for time to time reapplication. Apply it every 2-3 hours to protect it from irritation, rashes, and inflammation from sun exposure.

Use Shampoo Post Holi

Your skin and hair are highly exposed to the Holi colours and are likely to get damaged easily. Just like your skin needs proper care before and after Holi, your hair needs the same. 

Once the Holi is over, you can wash your hair immediately with shampoo for coloured hair. It will remove the stubborn stain, rejuvenate your hair follicles, and add volume to your hair. Here is the best shampoo for coloured hair that women with all types and lengths of hair can try. 

After shampooing, you can condition your hair with an aloe vera conditioner for smooth locks. You can also use a hair nourishing solution like almond oil after Holi to regain the moisture in your scalp and locks.

What to Avoid?

Don’t Use Synthetic Colours

Synthetic colours can harm your skin & cause severe health issues as well, so it is advised to switch to organic Holi colours. These colours are available online. Organic Holi colours are safe and healthy alternatives to synthetic colours. Herbal colour and organic gulal are perfect if you want your skin to look fresh and healthy. 

Likewise, if you are considering water balloons, you can try these reusable crochet water balloons. Not only do they look fancy, but they are reusable. They are colourful, eco-friendly, and safe for your kids.

Limit Your Drinks

Thandai & sweet gujiya is the most popular food combination on Holi. While it’s an important part of Holi, it’s advisable that you take it in moderation. No matter how delicious is your Thandai powder drink is or the flavoursome sweet gujiya are, you don’t want to wake up feeling heavy and hungover the next morning, especially if it’s a working day. You can replace your snacks with healthy choices like organic coffee oats.

Don’t Use Metallic Colours

Metallic colours harm your skin and hair because of the chemicals they are made of. It’s best to avoid them and keep your kids away from them. 

Don’t Play With Anything Other Than Colours

The safest thing to play Holi with is organic colours. Mud, eggs, and anything other than colours are not recommended. They can harm your skin. It’s best to stick to organic colours. 

These were Holi’s do’s and don’ts for this year. Hope you have a safe and fun Holi.

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