Here's Why Ghee is Considered Auspicious for Pooja

Importance of Ghee in Hindu Dharma

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Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharma sees the lamp as a manifestation and emblem of Tej (absolute fire principle). It guides us away from darkness and toward brightness. It conveys a notion of holiness and calm. The worshipper implores the deity to grant him good health, healthy offspring, and even the fulfilment of his aspirations. This is also a representation of Brahman (the unchanging truth).

Features of oil and pooja ghee lamps and why the former is preferred over the latter. Only oil or ghee for pooja (clarified butter) should be used to light the lamps for puja purposes, according to the Agni Purana.

It is not advised to use any other flammable material for the same. Even while oil lamps tend to burn for longer, according to the science of spirituality, the lamp lit using ghee is thought to be more sattvic (spiritually pure). Lighting a pooja ghee lamp rather than an oil lamp has the following advantages from a spiritual standpoint:

Because the tenets of the gods are present in this ghee in front of the gods, this ghee even has a strong sattva component, which causes it to generate light images in the air that are variations of the Tejtattva or pure fire element.

However, even though ghee for pooja is advised for various reasons, including budgetary constraints, sesame oil can be used to light the lamps because of sesame oil's ability to emit the greatest quantity of sattva frequencies.

How significant is ghee for pooja?

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All religious rituals, including puja and various types of relaxations, are intended to open the chakras in the body (a total of seven) and awaken spiritual force. At the same time, a light made of oil may generate vibrations to ignite the chakras of meditations and pooja.


The lamp represents the Tej essence of fire. Lighting the lamp to start a pooja is considered extremely symbolic as it offers a spiritual experience of 'Vayu Tattva' or an absolute air element, which means you will be able to experience a feeling of touch without any external reason.


Lamps' ambience and flame

Colourful elements, like some in red, which resemble various energies, are found in an oil lamp. An extra blue component, which represents spiritual feeling and aids in drawing more spiritual vibrations from the environment, is found in ghee lamps.

Enhancing the essential sheaths

There are three main inclinations known as Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, which stand for positive, impetuous, and lazy tendencies. For spiritual growth to occur, a cheerful attitude is necessary. Ghee for pooja lamp can boost the Sattva or the good particles of this sheath, simplifying the spiritual journey, but an oil lamp delivers vibrations that strengthen the Rajas particles of the sheath of vital air (Pranamaya Kosha).

Puja ghee - the supreme choice

When it comes to lighting the lamps, ghee holds the top spot. Pooja ghee and fire are thought to combine to create extremely potent energy in the surroundings. Burning a candle with ghee gives peace of mind as it emits divine frequencies that can fill our home with happiness and prosperity.

People claim that burning ghee is similar to wearing a talisman. According to the Shastras,ghee for pooja lamps may draw a good aura and assist one in obtaining prosperity, success, and luxury in their life.

Tips for Ghee lamps burning

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When burning a puja ghee lamp in front of the gods, keep the following in mind:

  •   Never light an oil lamp with ghee for a pooja lamp; the opposite is true.
  •   Never light one pillar of lamps with another pillar of lights.
  •   While doing pooja with pooja ghee, we shouldn't touch the lamp because when we worship a god, the lamp's sattva component grows, and when we contact the lamp, a raja-tama particle from our body enters the lamp by touch. As a result, the lamp's purity tends to decline.

Specific uses of Puja Ghee

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A variety of ghee is used to light the Diya. Although other ghee for pooja may also be utilized, pooja ghee or til oil is typically used in homes and temples. Let's look at how ghee for pooja is utilized and its functions:

  •   Ghee: Kubera, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Gram Devta, Trimurti, Kuldevta, and Kuldevi.
  •   Use cow's ghee for radiance, heavenly delight, wealth, health, and pleasure.
  •   Til: Narayana, Saturn, and to get rid of obstacles in life and keep venomous snakes at bay.
  •   Using mustard can help prevent sickness and honour Saturn.
  •   Jasmine: For Kuber and Maha Lakshmi

Additionally, it's crucial to maintain the flame of the pooja ghee directed in a specific direction and to light the lamp facing that way.

  •   North - Brings success in all endeavours. The best direction to set up and ignite a lamp is in this position. One is endowed with Ashta-Aishwarya, the eight types of riches.
  •   East - For well-being and mental tranquillity
  •   West - Positioning the ghee for pooja diya with the direction of the west can help one become debt-free and assure victory over evil forces.
  •   South: Never set up or light a lamp there. It is seen as unlucky.

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