Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Your dad may talk about not getting anything special for him on Father’s Day but don’t fall into the trap. While you don’t need any particular day to do something heart warming for your dad, Father’s Day sounds like a fair deal. The idea is not to simply purchase something expensive, but to be thoughtful. A purposeful gift is an excellent expression of gratitude for his role in your life. 

With Father’s Day approaching on the 18th of June this year, you can choose any gift, from stylish accessories to healthy snacks. If you are still looking for that perfect gift, our thoughtfully curated list will make your decision easier. You can choose a gift from the below list and show your father how much you love and care for him.

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For The Tea Lover

You will get endless options, from exclusive tea sets to fine teas for your tea lover dad. Instead of going for regular tea, you can opt for something unique like caffeine-free tea or butterfly pea tea. Various flavours include black, green, white, herbal, etc. You can also gift a unique teapot set with an antique touch for a memorable experience. These will be some of the best gifts for tea lover dad.


For The Fitness Enthusiast

Is your dad planning to get back in shape and take more care of his body? How about gifting him a fitness planner to get started with? It will help in tracking his self-care and wellness routine. You can also gift a pair of workout clothes which are among the top gifts for fitness enthusiast dads. Upcycled workout clothes are a good option due to their comfort and reduced environmental impact. 


For The Fashion Lover

We have a few trending gifts for fashion lover dads to help them express their style and elevate their wardrobe. A 100% pure cotton shirt is a timeless piece of fashion, and your dad will love it. Vegan flats for men are another fashion favourite that has been recently trending. Gift it to your father and allow him to walk most comfortably. If your dad loves experimenting, wooden sunglasses might just work for you. It will indeed be among the most stylish accessories for fashion-forward dads


For The Plant Admirer

We understand how dads love spending most Sundays on the balcony watering their beloved plants. You can give a decent planter to your father and help him expand his collection. An upcycled or brass-finished planter is one of the most unique gifts for plant lover dads. You can also get a packet of plant seeds he has wanted for a long time and surprise him. 


For The One Who Loves To Organise

If you think it is just your dad who likes things in their rightful position and in the most organised way, allow us to enlighten you! Every dad is a perfectionist who loves to keep everything neat and clean. Smart organisers are must-have gifts for dads who love to organise. Cable ties organiser, paper desk organiser, vegan leather wardrobe organiser, etc., are a few options. A cable tie organiser is among the most affordable gifts for tech-savvy dads who have too many wires to deal with. 


For The Perfectly Groomed Dad

One thing that most fathers or men, in general, are very specific about is their grooming routine. This is something they rarely miss. Popular grooming essentials for Indian dads include after-shave lotion, ayurvedic shampoo, beard and moustache wax, bamboo razors, etc. You can also give him a wooden grooming kit for effective personal care. Upgrade your dad’s grooming experience by giving him top-notch essentials

For The Snack Lover

Does your dad like munching in between meals? If yes, go for healthy and protein-rich snacks like fruit and nut cookies, energy bars, seed mixes, cashew nut snacks, etc. It will ensure your dad is consuming healthy foods and is a great way of caring for his health. You can also create a snack hamper using these products. It will surely be one of the best personalised gifts for sentimental dads

Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • Father's Day is an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for your dad's role in your life.
  • Clothes, planters, healthy snacks, teas, grooming essentials, etc., are popular gifts for dads.
  • A thoughtful gift is always a more impressive than an expensive one.

A little effort from your side can go a long way and help create memorable and cherishable moments with your father. You can choose a gift from our above-curated list and surprise your father in the best possible way. 

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