Benefits of Clay in Summers

Beginning from natural cooling properties to its deep skin cleansing perks, clay is a versatile and multipurpose summer ingredient. It is a natural and environmentally-friendly material that can turn your summers cool and refreshing. From clay pots for cooking to clay masks for summer, you can add several clay-based products to your daily schedule.  

Below are some of the best clay-based items that can be replaced with your daily essentials for a safe and effective summer.

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Pots & Pans

The first and foremost way to make significant changes is by replacing your regular pots and pans with ones made from clay. You can add nutritional value to your food by cooking and storing it in clay pots. Clay pans for cooking are also known for enhancing the natural flavour of the food. They are anti-bacterial and durable, making them more advantageous.

People in older times cooked in clay pots and pans as it was healthy and flavoursome. Several people still use earthen clay pots or matka for drinking water in the summer. The water remains cool inside these clay pots and also adds a certain flavour and potential health benefits to it. The switch to clay pots and pans can offer a healthier and more sustainable cooking experience by enhancing the flavour and texture of your dishes. 

Kadai & Woks

The porous nature of clay is crucial in retaining moisture in the food while cooking. You can use a clay kadai for cooking to lock the moisture in the dishes and result in tender, flavourful and succulent food. Several people propose using clay woks for cooking slow-cooked dishes requiring gentle simmering. 

Clay Kadais ensure the heat is evenly distributed and aid in uniform cooking by preventing hot spots. It helps get more control over the food being cooked and eliminates the chance of ingredients getting burnt or overcooked. Also, clay cookware has reduced oil and fat requirements. It means you may use less oil while cooking in clay kadai and woks than other cookware. 


Indoor Planters & Vases

Not just for cooking, but you can use clay or terracotta pots for plants too. They have a better drainage system than their plastic counterparts and prevent waterlogged soil. Clay pots for indoor plants also allow air circulation and let the air reach the plant’s roots. It helps in providing the plants with adequate oxygen and does not let the soil get compacted.

Clay planters for decor are an excellent idea for their enhanced aesthetic appeal. Clay vases for decor also come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, giving vast options. You can choose them in accordance with your personal style and home aesthetics. 


Face Masks & Scrubs

The benefits of clay products are not restricted to kitchen and home decor alone. Clay face masks and scrubs can be used for deep cleansing, oil control, gentle exfoliation, and soothing effects on the skin. Individuals with sensitive or irritated skin will find great relief by adding clay-based products to their skincare routine.

The absorbent properties of clay are significant in drawing out dirt, impurities and excess oil from the skin. When applied as a face mask or combined with a scrub, it can remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and leave your skin clean and refreshed. 



Soap Bars

Did you know you could use clay soap for summer to keep your skin fresh all day long? A clay soap can help you fight acne, reduce blemishes, remove impurities, and tighten pores. It will not only help cure existing blemishes and inflammation but also prevents new ones from popping out. 

When made with fresh herbs, clay soaps breathe in a fresh aroma and offer effective body care. Besides, certain clay soaps are also influential in loosening the hardened waxy blackheads upon regular usage. 



Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Clay pots and pans offer healthier and more sustainable cooking, enhancing the flavour and texture of dishes.
  • Clay planters and vases enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes and are available in various sizes and styles.
  • Clay face masks and scrubs deep cleanse, control oil, exfoliate gently, and provide soothing effects for all skin types.

Clay is considered an all-rounder summer ingredient due to its unique properties and benefits. From helping you increase the food’s nutritional content to acing your summer skincare, it has your back in this hot weather. 

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