Beat the Humidity: 7 Sweat-proof Makeup Tips

With monsoon comes humidity that makes skin oily, sticky and dull. Another challenge many women face during humid weather is smudged, messy and sweaty makeup. Undoubtedly, this time of the year is a melting point for makeup. However, you can make it last longer by using the right beauty products and techniques.

Here are some of the best sweat-proof makeup tips to beat the humidity and stay fresh.

Ice Water Face Dip 

You might have seen your favourite celebrity or vlogger dipping their face in a bowl of iced water. However, it's not merely a trend. It's advisable to add this hack to your monsoon makeup regime. 

This skin prep method can help shrink pores when the climate is humid. As your skin tightens, your makeup won't look blotchy and patchy. Not only does this method help in achieving humidity-proof makeup for Indian climate, but it also helps in calming down your state of mind.

Simply dip your face a couple of times in ice-cold water before putting on your makeup. However, keep your face in the water for only five to ten seconds. 

Start with a Primer

Using a mattifying water-resistant primer helps against excess oil. Makeup artists swear by it during monsoon, so make this makeup step a new habit.

A good mattifying primer acts as a barrier to a pore-clogging foundation. Thus, it prevents beauty products from melting when you sweat and helps you do the best makeup for hot and humid weather.

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Smudge Minimum Foundation

One of the most advised tips by makeup artists is to use a few drops of foundation to achieve a sweat-proof makeup look. It will allow your skin to breathe and feel less sticky. 

If you want long-lasting makeup for Indian summers, go with lightweight and long-wear serum foundations that feel ultra-light. Besides, it can prevent your makeup from creasing and caking. Alternatively, you can avoid multi-layering by using an all-in-one foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Water-proof is Smudge-proof

Smudged eyeshadow or mascara is normal in the sweaty and humid climate. Applying water-resistant eye makeup products during monsoon is among the top heat-resistant makeup tips.

From kohl, gel eyeliners, and mascaras to eye shadow palettes, you'll find various long-lasting, water-proof eye makeup products. The smudge-proof products shield against skin's greasiness to keep your eye makeup intact throughout the day. Thus, they won't budge for hours, no matter how humid the weather. 

Say No to Powder Blush

A makeup look is incomplete without a tint of blush on your cheekbones. However, powder blush will give a cakey look during the monsoon. Thus, switching to cream-based formulas at this time of the year is among the vital makeup hacks for humid conditions.

A creamy blush also gives a natural-looking rosiness to your cheeks. Its humidity-proof formulation will bring your complexion to life.

Seal The Look with Setting Spray

Makeup setting spray is a final touch to accentuate to protect your makeup from melting away due to the face's greasiness. A good quality setting spray blends into the skin to prevent smudging, caking, and fading.

The ingredients in setting sprays work as a barrier against sweat and help achieve a waterproof makeup look. Thus, your makeup will stay in place even after rubbing tissues and blotting papers.

The ideal method to apply setting spray is to keep the bottle at arm's length. Further, quickly spritz it all over the face in the X or T motion and let it dry for maximum coverage.

Keep Blotting Papers Handy

When Mother Nature raises the moisture level in the air, blotching paper is your best friend to absorb excess oil. 

Your oily skin will start glistening at one point, even after applying humidity-proof products and techniques. Blotting paper can help preserve the makeup by absorbing moisture, oil, and sweat. Keeping blotting papers handy is among the essential summer makeup tips for a refreshed look.

The right way to use blotting paper is to lightly press it against your skin. 

Wrap Up

Takeaway -

  • Before applying makeup, a proper skin prep routine is necessary to get a sweat-free, clean, and fresh base during the monsoon. 
  • The less is more strategy works well in makeup when humidity increases.
  • You can keep sweat at bay by buying moisture-resistant and long-lasting makeup products.

Whether attending an office meeting or going to a beach party, the moisture-resistant makeup products can withstand everyday sweat. Enjoy the monsoon season with an Indian skincare routine for humid weather and prevent your makeup from melting. 

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