Aesthetic Mandir Décor Ideas

A mandir is a place of peace, inspiration, and happiness. Almost every home has a space they call mandir and worship at. People in the habit of offering prayers daily in their mandir or temple want to keep it clean and fresh. After all, a clean and beautifully decorated mandir helps you concentrate on your prayers immensely.

A decorated mandir goes a long way in turning your prayer experience into a majestic affair. You feel good when you enter a fragrant and nicely lit mandir. It not only lifts your spirits spiritually but also helps you psychologically. 

Many items are available to help you with home mandir decoration. But, when you go for decorations used in our Indian society, brass, natural flowers, diyas, etc., have been effective. You experience spirituality and enjoy the devotion time better. 

Let us review some of the beautiful yet impressive pooja room decoration products featured on amala earth to give you ideas about what you can add to your mandir.

Brass Conch shell

  1. Conches form an essential part of any Hindu puja. The melodious sound of the conch shell can fill your environment with an unmatchable spiritual vibe. Many types of conches are available in the market, but the Brass conch shell stands apart. 

Experts say a conch shell not only keeps evil forces away but also brings prosperity and peace to your home. The Brass conch shell found at Amala Earth is a fantastic decoration for your home mandir. 

This conch shell includes a handcrafted image of Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Laxmi. The brass conch shell has been designed and manufactured here in India while considering the Hindu mandir's traditions and practices. 


Flower Basket

  1. Another addition to your home temple decoration can be a brass flower basket. As the name suggests, this is a basket to help you assemble your offering of flowers to your lord. The best aspect about the basket is that since it is made up of brass, it will not get damaged or shine off easily. 

This implies you can flaunt it in your mandir for a long time. However, the manufacturers advise not to use abrasive materials to clean the basket. Use only water and a mild liquid hand wash for cleaning purposes. In other words, it can bear scratches and get damaged. 

It comes with handles, making it easy to carry, with an impressive antique finish. 

Kamal Diya

In addition to the flowers, diyas also form a crucial part of home mandirs. Any home mandir is incomplete without a brightly lit diya every time there is a puja; thus, Amala Earth brings Kamal diya, a set of two in the shape of a lotus. 

These are made of brass and ideal for matching several puja room designs. Also, these handmade diyas can add a nice angle to your mandir decorations.

  1. In addition, Amala Earth also brings other options in the form of a small set of four Soy wax diya or Brass diya with a stand. In addition, you can also go for a Brass dhoop dani to keep your dhoop protected. 

Pooja Box

  1. Last but not least to add to your puja room decoration is the majestic pooja box. This pooja box contains all the essential minor and important things necessary to perform any puja, whether for a festival, any occasion, or part of your daily routine. 
  2. The box ingredients include Dhoopbatti, Akshat Rice, Aarti Book, Laung, Honey, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi idols, Cotton Wick, Matchbox, etc. 

Final Words

Anyone who performs puja in their home mandir knows the importance of decorating it beautifully. Thus, Amala Earth brings a fabulous collection of different puja decors that are beautiful and essential to any spiritual puja. Select from these puja room decors mentioned above and make your puja experience all the more mesmerising.

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