7 Eco-friendly bathroom accessories for a sustainable lifestyle

A lot of myths surround anything that is ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’, especially regarding eco-friendly bathroom accessories. There is a lack of awareness about them. And this is what we are going to correct in this article. 

Our eco-friendly practices are mostly restricted to our kitchens and wardrobes. Rarely do we look at our bathroom and think how much plastic our bathroom accessories accumulate. A big part of smart living in the 21st century is to take care of yourself and the environment simultaneously. And there are many great eco-friendly bathroom accessories in the market you can switch to that benefit you as well as the environment. 

What are eco-friendly products?

 All eco-friendly or sustainable include the following:

  • Environmental impact - climate-friendly, toxic-free, and cruelty-free.
  • Social impact - no one is being marginalised/exploited. People involved in manufacturing the product were given a safe and clean working space and paid fair wages.

Why use eco-friendly bathroom products?

Our bathroom sees a lot of wastage in terms of water, single-use plastic bottles and chemicals in toiletries. And rarely do we give it a single thought. If we switch to eco-friendly bathroom products, we not only reduce our plastic usage but also use products that do not have harmful chemicals. 

How to shop for eco-friendly bathroom products?

It requires a little effort. Firstly, list down all your bathroom products. Then, research companies in the “home and living” space that make eco-friendly products. Read about these companies, their mission, and user reviews, and check their prices. You can find a variety of options at Amala Earth.

Then, pick a few companies that resonate with you and list down all products that you can find an eco-friendly alternative for and give them a try.

Here’s a list of 8 eco-friendly bathroom accessories that you can switch to immediately: 

  1. Soap : The easiest step to go eco-friendly is to switch your shower gel that comes in a plastic bottle with soap bars. There are many brands that make all-natural soap nowadays. Ecothought Living, Bare Necessities and Re Earth are some that sell beautifully fragrant all-natural soaps. 


  1. Shampoo : Swap your bottled liquid shampoo with a shampoo bar. Again, these come in paper packaging and many sustainable brands have chemical-free shampoo bars that are good for your hair. These shampoo bars will take up less space in your bathroom and are easy to travel with. Companies like Soap Square give you great options for shampoo bars of the highest quality. 


  1.  Loofah : The colourful loofah that we all use is nothing but plastic. In fact, it is the first eco-friendly bathroom accessory that you should replace in your bathroom accessories, as it would be the cheapest replacement. Their colourful, plastic loofahs also attract bacteria if not cleaned properly. The better alternative that you can switch to is the natural loofahs made of dried gourds or coconut coir and other dried vegetables and fruits. 


  1.   Oral Care : The majority of us use our usual plastic toothbrushes. This can be easily replaced with an eco-friendly one made from bamboo. There are options for biodegradable delta floss also by Re Earth. A great alternative to the plastic toothpaste tube is homemade toothpaste. You will need coconut oil, essential oil of your choice and baking soda. Then,  some brands like Re Earth sell toothpaste in glass bottles. 


  1.  Period Essentials : Sanitary pads are lined with synthetic material that is made from plastic. While tampons are made of cotton that is biodegradable but they are not reusable. There are better alternatives, like reusable cotton pads and menstrual cups (which are gaining popularity). Menstrual cups do not only reduce waste but help you save a lot of money. Menstrual cups can last you years. Before and after your periods, wash them thoroughly, sterile them in boiling water and store them in a clean place. 


  1.   Face wipes : Makeup remover, face wipes and similar single-use products use plastic to prevent them from tearing while in use. Even if the product is cotton, we know the drain cotton has on the environment - water and deforestation that goes into growing and manufacturing it. So anything cotton that is single-use should be avoided. You can instead use washable wipes/pads that come in different fabrics and forms - flannel, cotton crochet, etc.


  1.   Makeup : When it comes to makeup, there are two main things to look at - the composition of the makeup and its packaging. Take a good look at all your makeup, and you will realise how much plastic is used in storing and packaging each makeup item. It is difficult to find out which makeup suits you the best. So you can start by figuring out an alternative for one item at a time. Nothing can ever be waste-free. You can start by observing how reusable a makeup item’s packaging is. A glass bottle with a plastic or rubber cap is still better than a full plastic bottle. Start looking at brands that are into ‘clean beauty’ (i.e. toxic-free formulation), and make ‘vegan’ or ‘cruelty-free’ products. 


No one needs to change their entire lifestyle immediately because that is not practical or sustainable. The amount of change will in fact overwhelm you. Start by changing one thing. Take one small step. And when you become comfortable with that change, make another change. These step-wise changes will give you confidence and lead you to major changes. These eco-friendly bathroom accessories are the perfect way to start your ‘clean/green/eco-friendly’ journey. 

We at Amala Earth believe in conscious, responsible and ethical living. We support brands that are trying to create a harmonious environment. Shop eco-friendly bathroom accessories at Amala Earth.