5 Reasons Why Copper Water Bottles are Good For Children

The practice of storing water in a copper vessel is not new. Copper water (Tamra Jal) has its origins in Ayurveda. Millennials are quite conscious of their living style. What better way to do this than with the best copper water bottle. Keep reading to learn why copper bottles are good for children.

    5 Benefits of Using Copper Water Bottles

    Drinking stored water in copper water dispensers or bottles benefits the human body in many ways. Copper has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-carcinogenic properties. These properties help the body combat several diseases. The following will help you to know the benefits of using a copper dispenser.

    1. Health Advantages

    Plastic bottles have heavy chemicals like BPA, which pose a threat to one’s health. Copper is a natural steriliser. Copper metal has oligodynamic properties. It assists in balancing the haemoglobin level and cell regeneration. Coli bacteria from the environment can cause serious infections. Storing water in a pure copper bottle reduces the danger of bacterial contamination and prevents water-borne infections. 

    2. Aids Digestive Functioning

    Copper reduces gastrointestinal inflammation. It helps to cleanse the stomach and detox the stomach. For those with digestive problems, drinking water from a copper dispenser regulates the function of the kidneys and the liver.

    3. Get Water at a Desirable Temperature

    Mothers like lukewarm water for their children because it keeps away the cold and cough. Pouring lukewarm water into plastic bottles is dangerous as it becomes toxic. Carrying a copper bottle prevents heat radiation and makes the water safe to drink. 

      4. Helps Improve Brain Function

      The brain needs electrical impulses to interact with other parts of the body. Copper has the property of helping cells to communicate by carrying impulses efficiently.

      5. Healing Properties

      Kids are prone to fall and hurt themselves. Copper has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It backs skin regeneration. It assists in healing wounds at a faster pace.

        The Takeaway

        With a multitude of health benefits, it is clear that copper bottles are good for children and adults. Copper water has been a part of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition for centuries and is a great addition to your life. Shop for handcrafted copper bottles that are BPA-free and lead-free at Amala Earth, your one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly.


        Can copper bottles be used to store hot beverages?
        No, copper bottles are not suitable for hot beverages. It is best to store cold or lukewarm water in them.
        Can I keep the copper bottles in the refrigerator?
        It is suggested not to store the copper bottles in the refrigerator as it may interfere with the benefits that copper may offer. One can store chilled water in a copper bottle.
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