10 Unique, Meaningful & Earth-friendly Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are special events. What makes them more special is a thoughtfully curated gift, reflecting the affection and love of the giver. Gifts that are thoughtful and eco-friendly make the person feel loved. 

This article is about the 10 best birthday gifts that will make loved ones spellbound. All the gifts mentioned are eco-friendly, sustainable, and mindfully curated. 

Best Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts

  1. 1. Zero waste Travel Kit

People spend so much on cutlery or other single-use plastic items during picnics and travel. It is neither economical nor eco-friendly. There is an option that can save the environment from non-biodegradable materials— the Zero Waste Travel Kit by Bare Necessities. The kit contains Stainless steel straw, a Straw cleaning brush, Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush, and 2 in 1 spoon. All things are eco-friendly and reusable. It is the best mindful birthday gift for anyone who loves to travel.


  1. 2. Jasmine Perfume Gift Set

Perfume for gifts is an ideal choice for people who love fragrances. This gift set of 4 luxury perfumes is the best birthday gift for women who love floral scents. This perfume gift set by Bella Vita contains four fragrances - Rose, Honey, Glam and CEO. All perfumes are mindfully made and eco-friendly. Rose and Glam are floral scents, while Honey has a floral-fruity fragrance. CEO has a hint of Tonka and vanilla. It is the best birthday gift for her.t


  1. 3. Vegan Graphite Chocolate Dates Gift Box

Who does not love chocolates?

The chocolate dates gift box by The Date House is a healthy and sustainable birthday gift. It contains 16 pieces of luscious and crunchy chocolates. These chocolates are made with almonds and coated in Arabian dates. They are vegan, with a shelf life of 270 days. It is one of the best birthday gifts for people who prefer a conscious lifestyle.


  1. 4. Affirmation Cards - Set Of 21 

Naturally, stress and pressure get too much in the competitive world. In such situations, positive re-affirmations play a significant role in neutralising this self-doubt so that we can re-discover positivity. This set of 21 affirmation Cards by White Light Elements, each having an affirmation derived from the concept of self-love, will be a great way to stay in a positive and happy mode every day. It will be an excellent handmade birthday gift for someone who needs a spark of good vibes and positivity.


  1. 5. Handmade Joy of Giving Box

The Joy of Giving Box by White Light Elements helps share happiness with near and dear ones in a fascinating way. One can call it the 'big box of joy' with simple little treasures that promise to light up the face of loved ones with a smile. It includes five handmade items Now Cube, Power Band, Blessing Coin, Mini Bell and Delightful Bird. Each product is 100% eco-friendly, making it the best handmade birthday gift


  1. 6. Scented Candles Gift Set Of 4

Soy Votive Candles by RAD Living have all the qualities of a charming soy candle gift set. It comprises four scented votive candles:

New Adventures - Wanderlust Scented

New Resolutions - Chocolate Fudge Scented

New Passions - A Thousand Wishes Scented

New Mistakes - Oudh Twist Scented

Each item in this unique birthday gift set is handcrafted with non-toxic and biodegradable natural soy wax. It lasts longer, burns cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin candles, and is less likely to trigger allergies.



  1. 7. Handcrafted Teakwood Labyrinth

Labyrinths symbolise the journey of one to our core. Although they are ancient symbols of relaxation and meditation, in the modern-day perspective, Labyrinths facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual wellness by perfectly blending meaningfulness and gamification. The user closes their eyes, traces the path from the start to the centre using their finger, and finds the way out. Labyrinths represent a person's journey to the deeper self to find the purpose and return to the world with greater awareness and wisdom. The product weighs 400 grams and is made of 100% eco-friendly reclaimed wood. It will make a genuinely thoughtful and memorable handmade birthday gift for loved ones.


  1. 8. Bath & Post Shower Oil Gift Set

The shower oil is made with 100% organic ingredients such as extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil and pure essential oils. The set contains four fragrances - the zen blend, deep nourish, fresh out of the shower and delicate floral. The ingredients in shower oils are skin-nourishing and environment-friendly without artificial colour. It makes the perfect eco-friendly birthday gift for people who love caring for themselves and the environment. 



  1. 9. Brass Gold Toned Bangle

Empress bangle is a contemporary take on the exotic ornamental Paulownia tree popularly known as the "Royal Empress" or "Princess Tree", native to Japan and Korea. It is called Kiri in Japanese culture, while in other parts of the world, Kiri also means Tree Bark or Skin.

These bangles embrace the organic texture of the tree bark, as well as the poise of its vanilla fragrant light purple to blue colored flowers echoed by colored Swarovski's flushed at the ends of the bangle. These petite yet statement bangles are versatile stackable treats.



  1. 10. Eco-Friendly Premium Gift Box 

This premium gift box by Ksamah is a set of perfectly curated eco-friendly and sustainable items. It contains an orange peel mug, hand towel, ginger honey syrup, Kocoatrait 70% Desert Salt Chocolate and soy wax candle. All the products are 100% healthy and safe for the environment. They make the best birthday gift hamper for a conscious lifestyle.

Birthdays are about a lot of happy things. One can make it better with conscious and sustainable gifts. Amala Earth is a curated marketplace for all eco-friendly and sustainable things in beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness, festive gifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of unique and thoughtful birthday gifts for loved ones and yourself.