Wooden 6 inch Planter for Houseplants with Grow Bag

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Product Description

This super rustic and long lasting wooden planter is ideal for houseplants, microgreens and succulents. It can be placed as a centerpiece, in bathrooms, shelves and even outdoors. They are coated with water resistant paint on the inside and lacquered from the outside. It comes with an eco-friendly custom made felt grow bag in which the soil compost is kept. The biggest advantage of this bag is it retains moisture so you dont have to water the plant everyday. Also, the nutrients are better transferred from the soil to the plant roots as opposed to other planters. Not to forget - plants always grow happily in and around wood! That's just how nature works! A drainage hole at the base of the bag and planter box takes care of any excess water inside the planter. This planter comes with a plant label marker too for writing plant name, watering instruction or a message for gifting.

Product Details

Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 Inch

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