Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil, 10ml

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Product Description

Tree tea oil has been used since time eternal for its antimicrobial, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory benefits. The richness of this oil assists in numerous ways. As bad bacteria are a cause of a chain of problems, like acne, pimples, itchy scalp, lice production, infected cuticles, and whatnot, use of tea tree comes in handy. Irrespective of the differential nature of all these situations, Organic Harvest tea tree essential oil can be used in a diluted fashion to gain relief from the problem. The problem of acne and acne marks is profound for oily skin beauties. Tea tree oil for skin problems is a much recommended treatment. The anti inflammatory property of natural tea trees helps in calming the inflamed skin, thereafter slowly and steadily healing the zits. In a similar vein, accumulation of fungal components on the scalp not only leads to discomfort and itchiness, but also paves way for increase in hair fall. A thorough massage using tea tree oil for hair helps in reducing the effect of the problem. The goodness of this essential oil does not end here. The fresh and soothing aroma of the oil also helps in aromatherapy. It is used in both ways- as massaging oil and in a diffuser to leave the lingering effect of the pleasant and calming fragrance, which assists relaxation. Additionally, in case of being allergic to strong scents, you can easily use tea tree oil as an organic perfume to smell fresh.

Product Details

Brand Name Organic Harvest
Care Instruction If you're using it with a scrub, lotion or cream, add 6-8 drops of the oil for every 30ml of the product. If you wish to use it as a fragrance enhancer, add 4-6 drops of oil to an aromatherapy diffuser. While using it during a bath, add a few drops directly to the bucket/tub. While using it for a massage, ensure that you use it with a carrier oil. If oil gets into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
Features Acne Remedy: Organic tea tree oil for skin acne is one of the most used remedies. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature of pure tea trees makes it possible for the essential oil to not only eliminate contributing bacteria, but also eventually lighten scars., Healthy Scalp: Due to lack of nourishment right from the scalp, hair follicles tend to lose their strength, leading to hair fall. Tea tree oil for hair helps in unclogging the contaminated follicles and providing them essential nutrition., Therapeutic Benefit: The miraculous nature of Organic Harvest tea tree oil is because of its multifaceted therapeutic advantages. It can be used for body massages as well for aromatherapy. In both cases, the subtle smell of the oil will help calm down the mind., Reduces Nail Infections: Since Organic Harvest tea tree essential oil has healing properties, it is often used to heal infections. Cuticles and nails are most susceptible to contracting bad bacteria, for which the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of organic tea trees are a boon.
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