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Product Description

Made from 100% organic bamboo pulp. A natural and sustainable alternative to traditional tree based paper tissues. Our tissues are paraben-free, BPA free, chlorine free and hypoallergenic causing no skin rashes. They are made of pure bamboo and are light brown in colour as it is not bleached. It’s great for all skin types. Perfect for applying and removing cosmetics, first aid uses and caring for baby. Jumbo sized cotton balls in an easy to use eco-friendly paper box. Made of cotton tips and flexible paper sticks, Beco Cotton Ear Buds have the most cotton at the tip of the swab.

Product Details

Brand Name BECO
Features Bambooee Natural Facial Tissue-200 Pulls, Eco-Friendly Cotton Balls,Cotton Buds With Paper Stick,100 Sticks -200 Pulls.
Manufacturer Details Ecosattva
Package preparation days 2

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