Organic Vanilla Fills Quinoa Ragi 250gm

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Product Description

Wholesome whole-grain crunch outside, yummy vanilla cream punch inside!

It just tastes so gooood! And it’s also good for you! When the textures of wholesome crunch and gooey richness combine, it’s going to be hard to stop biting into these. With a bowl of milk for breakfast, or straight out of the pack for a quick and tasty snack - these bite-size wonders are loaded with the benefits of quinoa, ragi, whole multigrain, jowar and foxtail millets.
The rich, gooey vanilla filling inside is your reward for choosing the healthier snack! So munch away without the guilt, and EAT YOUR FILL!


A source of complete protein
Rich in dietary fibre
Boosts nervous system functioning
Good for heart health
Strengthens bones

Product Details

Brand Name Nourish You
How To Use Enjoy with Hot or cold milk, much as a snack on the go
In the box 1 Vanilla Fills (Quinoa, Ragi)
Ingredient Whole Multigrain Flour(55%), Quinoa Flour (30%), Ragi Flour(25%), Jowar Flour(25%), Foxtail Millet Flour(10%), & Bengal Gram Flour(10%), Vanilla Cream(Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil(Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Vanilla Powder, Milk Solids Emulsifier(Ins322), Rosemary Extract(Ins392), Lodized Salt.
Package preparation days 2
Return Policy Non Returnable
Shelf Life 9 Months

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