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Experience the true joy of healthy snacking with the premium quality Sunflower Seeds from Nuts For Us. Perfectly crisp, nutty, and delicious, these seeds are considered to be one of the healthiest snacks in the world! Munch on them whenever you want to satiate your midday cravings. Nutritional Facts Sunflower seeds are without a doubt one of the healthiest snacks on earth! They contain all the beneficial nutrients on which your body relies. Enriched with a good form of plant oil, sunflower seeds are loaded with polyunsaturated fats that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Not only are these seeds flavorful, but pack dozens of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that may help to tackle various ailments like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pleasure, obesity, etc. They are also known to enhance the health of the skin and tresses. Serving Suggestions: Use as a topping on salads or sautéed vegetables. Add to veggie burgers and pasta. Stir up a hearty trail mix or make healthy granola bars. Include them in soft preparations such as scrambled eggs to give them a crunchy texture. Make creamy sunflower seed butter. Fun Facts! In Germany, sunflower seeds are blended with rye flour to make a type of bread. Sunflowers are used to remove toxic materials from contaminated soil such as lead, arsenic, and uranium. Originated in South America, the history of Sunflower seeds is older than 5000 years! When you buy 100% pure and genuine Sunflower Seeds from Nuts For Us, you can be assured to get the maximum health benefits out of them. They will enhance the taste of your delicacies while adding rich nutritive value.

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Brand Name Nuts For Us
Care Instruction Keep Sealed And Refrigerator
In the box 1 Sunflower Seeds
Manufacturer Details Nuts For Us Pvt. Ltd.
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