Organic Adrak Digestive, 50 g - Pack of 2

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Product Description

Never repeat! You told your tummy after over-eating for the tenth time in one week. But when Adrak is on your side, a little indulgence is not a problem. Enjoy the Nutty Yogi Adrak Digestive with its sublime gingery taste and unique health properties which is rich in fiber and other vitamins. It is made using the best kept secrets of the traditional Indian kitchen.

Product Details

Benefits Best in Gastro Intestinal Distress, Eliminates Gas and Flatulence, Best to tackle sea sickness and nausea during long road travels, Best in pregnancy, Boosts immunity, Good against common cold, cough and other respiratory problems, Best to consume during winters to keep yourself warm.
Brand Name Nutty Yogi
In the box 1 Oragnic Adrak Digestive
Ingredient Dry Ginger, Salt, Blacksalt, Neemhusat, Peepal
Package preparation days 2
Return Policy Non Returnable
Shelf Life 365 Days

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