Lavender & Spice Tisane Calm Tea 50gm

Lavender & Spice Tisane Calm Tea 50gm

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Product Description

Nutty Yogi Calm Tea blend is a unique spiced midly with fennel, cinnamon, cloves & lavender buds. Fresh Whole Leaf Tea & Tisane with 100% Natural Ingredients: Nutty Yogi teas contain unbroken-whole leaves that retain the flavour profile of the tea to the fullest extent. All our ingredients are 100 % Natural. Tea profile & steeping notes: Ideal brew time is 3 minutes at 80-95°c. Aroma is notes of Lavender and spices of fennel, cinnamon and cloves. A very unique blend which is not only healthy but super refreshing and delicious.

Product Details

Brand Name Nutty Yogi
In the box 1 Lavender & Spice Tisane Calm Tea
Ingredient Levender & Herbs Tisane, Spiced Midly with fennel, FENNEL, CINNAMON, CLOVES & LAVENDER BUDS.
Package preparation days 2
Return Policy Non Returnable
Shelf Life 365 Days

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