Himalayan Gooseberry Seasoning, 80g - Pack Of 2

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Product Description

The Himalayan Gooseberry seasoning is a burst of flavors, packed together with medicinal benefits. The ingredients are – gooseberries, rock salt, carom seeds, chilies, black pepper, minced garlic and ginger. Use it to flavor your everyday meals and spice up salt-based beverages. We suggest using the seasoning to flavor boiled eggs, omelets, salads, soups, buttermilk etc. The Himalayan gooseberry is a primary ingredient in the mix. It is foraged from our neighboring forest. It is then hand grated by the artisans from our village and air dried to form the amla powder.

Product Details

Brand Name BUGYAAL
Features Health benefits: Rich in Vitamin C,Strengthens Immune System,Aids Digestion.
Ingredient Pahadi Amla, Ajwain, Sendha Namak, Lahsun, Adrak, Kali Mirch, Mirch
Manufacturer Details BUGYAAL
Package preparation days 2
Shelf Life 12 Months

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