Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

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Product Description

Our Coconut Coir Toilet Brush is an earthy and natural cleaning tool to keep the environment in your house clean and safe. The brush has strong and durable bristles which are made from Coconut Coir. Along with an ergonomically designed wooden handle this brush is comfortable to hold and gets cleaning done in a jiffy.This brush is minimal and sustainable cleaning essential to do away with plastic and live mindfully. What Is Coir?. The coir is extracted from the husk of coconuts which is usually discarded after its juice and meat have been consumed. Considered merely but a waste we use this coir to make natural cleaners to create a plastic-free safe environment. The coconut fiber is naturally antimicrobial. Disposal put it in Compost. Packaging. We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly.

Product Details

Brand Name Almitra Sustainables
Care Instruction Rinse with mild soapy water and hang in the sun to dry.
Manufacturer Details ALMITRA TATTVA
Material Coconut Coir
Package preparation days 2

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