Chamomile Calming Tea, 15 Tea Bags

Chamomile Calming Tea, 15 Tea Bags

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This timeless herbal tea infusion is ideal for relaxing, relieving stress and calming the mind and body before sleep. We select peak quality chamomile blossoms from the most pristine growing mountainous regions within the Himalayas.
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Product Description

Our Chamomile Flowers are produced by a group of female farmers in the remote Himalayan Villages. The women pick the flowers by hand in the early morning so that all of their relaxing and healing properties are fully preserved. Our Chamomile Blossoms that are grown here are prized for its purer, light, airy taste compared to the common Egyptian type.

Product Details

Brand Name Ahista Tea
In the box 15 Tea Bags Pouch
Ingredient Himalayan Chamomile Flowers.
Manufacturer Details Ahista Group
Package preparation days 2

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