Over the last two decades, life has presented a journey of discovery in the way I live my life. From being a young businesswoman to then becoming a young mother, I found myself reflecting even more deeply on my lifestyle. Having always observed my choices, I felt the time had come to share what I had learnt.

“Transformation’ is a word close to my heart.”

Slowly but steadily, I explored natural fabrics for my wardrobe, eco-friendly choices for my children, biomaterials for my home, and a wholesome, vegetarian diet to nourish myself and my family. Quite effortlessly, this gave fire to a little spiritual light from within which gave me a deep sense of peace - a connection to myself and a rekindling of my relationship with nature. The transformation had happened.

Eventually came the calling, Amala Earth, inspired by the Amala Consciousness which is the ultimate form of purity in Buddhism. Through the world of Amala Earth, I seek to gently introduce the way to conscious living and grow a community of like-minded people.

Gunjan Jindal Poddar