Objectry was established in 2015 with a passion to experiment with form and material while exploring different techniques. At the helm, and leading the design is Aanchal Goel, the founder and Creative Head at Objectry.

The idea behind Objectry is to find joy and celebrate the simplicity of design. We believe in the sensibility that allows a material to lend itself to the design. The approach adopted, paired with Indian artisanship, organically results in work that is utilitarian yet distinctive.

Our collections are an attempt to make basic everyday things interesting while exploring the properties of different materials. We’ve learnt that the best renditions of our designs are delivered by traditional craftsmen.

Our work is testament to the fact that handmade need not necessarily mean irregular, with all our final products displaying clean lines and crisp curves and edges. After having started with lifestyle based small products and accessories, we have now extended our catalog to furniture.
Amala Earth


Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Valley Culture
Sale price119 Regular price140 15% OFF
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Raamae
Sale price3,799 Regular price3,999 5% OFF


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