As a brand dedicated to babies, we were driven to create a better alternative to the greenwashed bedding products available in the market today that are heavily reliant on toxic chemical processes. Given how delicate and sensitive a baby’s skin is we had to ensure that our products were organic and natural from seed to product stage. We have sourced the highest quality GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and processed, dyed and printed them with medicinally rich natural herbs to create our genuinely organic and natural products.

We strongly believe that the choices we make today define the future for the generations to come. It is extremely crucial for us that our production methods consider the aesthetics of our products and the safety of our babies while not for a second forgetting our responsibility towards our planet - fortunately these are converging paths. Our processes not only save water, they also have a lower carbon footprint and they do not release any toxic effluents back to mother earth, making every piece you purchase truly safe and sustainable.
Amala Earth


Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Valley Culture
Sale price119 Regular price140 15% OFF
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Raamae
Sale price3,799 Regular price3,999 5% OFF


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