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In the new era of sustainability and socially benefitting business ecology, Everything Beautiful redecorates the décor segment across the world by harnessing the agenda of Make in India and introducing cost effectiveness in the luxury segment. Our business proposition stands erect on the foundation of striking societal balance by enabling skill-based employment to local artisans and glorifying cultural diversity, focussing on women empowerment, being environment friendly and creating world class décor commodity. Kanika is experienced in starting multiple businesses and lifting them to a status of high grossing entities. Her intent to build this company parallels on the path of building a better future of the locals, transforming them to glocals! India has so much to offer. With our travels around the country I realised the magic that the artisans of rural India have in their hands. We wanted to showcase it to the rest of the world. Hence " Everything Beautiful" was born. Each and every product that we have is "Made in India". We aspire to make homes Beautiful. A home is the physical embodiment of the people who live in it. And for most, home has taken on an especially significant meaning over the last year, As we evolve, our home should too!

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Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g Amrutam Aloe Vera Gel | 150 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g
Himalayan Red Rice | Keto Friendly | 500 g Valley Culture
Sale price119 Regular price140 15% OFF
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue
Cotton Quilt | Block Printed | Blue Raamae
Sale price3,799 Regular price3,999 5% OFF


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