Yoga & Meditation Accessories For Every Fitness Enthusiast

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices benefiting mankind for centuries with their physical, mental and spiritual benefits. While rooted in Eastern traditions, these practices have expanded equally in Western societies to promote overall well-being. While yoga focuses on physical postures and breathing techniques, meditation is about focusing one’s attention and calming the mind.

However, the right accessories play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of these practices. From providing the proper support to preventing injuries, the right accessories can make all the difference. They help practitioners deepen their practice and foster mindfulness, practice and focus. 

Here is a list of top yoga and meditation accessories that will make your fitness retreat better!

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Yoga Mats

The first and foremost name that comes to our mind while thinking of yoga, is a yoga mat. It ensures proper stability and offers cushioning while performing the poses. If you are planning to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can buy yoga mats in India made from sustainable and biodegradable materials and take one step ahead.

You can choose from cotton, cork and natural rubber anti-skid yoga mats. The textured surface of yoga mats provides the right grip and prevents slipping. You can also purchase a yoga mat carrier to carry the mat from one place to another conveniently.

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Yoga Blocks

Typically made of foam, cork, or wood, yoga blocks come in numerous shapes and sizes. These versatile props are meant to provide adequate support during your yoga practice. Yoga blocks online India are available in a biodegradable form and supports both your practice and the planet. 

Remember, the best yoga blocks will be sweat absorbent, non-slip, lightweight, and immensely durable. These blocks will offer the right amount of stability by reducing the distance between the body and the ground. These blocks are best used for restorative and gentle yoga practices. 

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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a type of musical instrument that has also been used in meditation. Singing bowls for meditation are used due to their calming and soothing effects. The sound and vibration produced from these bowls help attain a deeper state of relaxation.

These bowls make it easier to meditate and promote a tranquil atmosphere. You can choose from aluminium and brass bowls with prints and other unique designs.

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Eye Pillow

An eye pillow is typically rectangular-shaped with materials like flaxseeds, lavender or other soothing herbs. One can use an eye pillow for sleep, meditation, yoga, or simply relaxation. The pillow offers gentle pressure on the eyes that alleviates eye strain or tension.

Get a heart-shaped eye pillow online India to stand out in your practice sessions. Several eye pillows are infused with essential oils or aromatic herbs and release a subtle fragrance upon usage. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different shapes, sizes and types.

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Meditation Cushion

A meditation cushion or zafu supports an individual’s body during meditation. Comfort, stability and proper alignment are the prime benefits of using this cushion. It will not only make your journey comfortable but also enjoyable. 

You can opt for the cork meditation cushion if you strictly want to improve your posture. Besides, the cork fabric is sustainable, and the presence of buckwheat fillers makes the cushion more firm and supportive. You can get a meditation cushion online in different shapes like round, rectangular, crescent, etc., and enhance your meditation experience. 

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Wrap Up 

Takeaway -

  • Yoga and meditation accessories are crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of the practice sessions.
  • Popular yoga and meditation accessories include mats, blocks, singing bowls, eye pillows, meditation cushions, etc.
  • Choosing sustainable and eco-friendly yoga and meditation accessories is recommended for an enhanced experience. 

If you have been considering participating in activities to enhance mind and body wellness, how about now? With International Yoga Day on 21st June, you can embark on this remarkable journey. Remember to purchase these vital accessories from our list for the best experience.

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