Yoga And Workout Wear To Consider This International Yoga Day

An ancient meditative practice, Yoga is rooted in Indian philosophy. The practice that connects the mind, body, and soul is officially celebrated on the 21st of June every year. This day's goal is to raise awareness about the many benefits of practising yoga. Do you know the most critical aspect of performing yoga beside the correct postures? Well, it is wearing the most natural and comfortable apparel. Proper clothing will ensure that you form the correct postures with ease. 

Activewear made from recycling, ocean waste, bamboo, organic clothing, etc., has gained much popularity due to comfort and environment-friendliness. Purchasing sustainable yoga wear this International Yoga Day can be an excellent idea to practise yoga well and protect the environment. 

Here are a few organic workout wear options for an enhanced experience.

Sports Tops and T-shirts

There are various activewear options, from crop tops to full-length t-shirts in round necks and polo. Most women find crop tops immensely comfortable while working out. You can try the 100% recycled polyester short sleeves crop top. Recycled workout clothes like these also make great home wear for an everyday look.

You can also look for yoga clothing made from bamboo for a breathable experience. They come with a multi-functional knit and are great for workouts and daily life activities. Yoga Day sports tops will give you a clean and sporty look besides a luxurious feel. Choose from fabrics like bamboo and cotton for a productive workout. 

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Sports Bra

Did you know that ocean waste can be used to create recyclable yoga apparel? The long-line ultra-soft sports bras made from ocean waste are an ode to sustainable fashion. Ocean waste activewear is lightweight and remains in shape even after years of use. These sports bras are UV resistant and have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities.

You can also purchase a sustainable sports bra in pure cotton with hand block print. You can now say no to synthetic fibres and microplastics with such eco-friendly yoga apparel options. You can perform workouts in these 100% cotton activewear and feel comfortable in your skin. 

Track Pants

You can easily get eco-conscious trackpants in both short and full lengths. The ones created from ocean waste are organic and recyclable. Their ultra-stretchable capacity will help you perform even the toughest of postures with ease. These pants are not just for yoga but can be used for gym, pilates, dance, marathon or at the beach.

Men can try organic cotton yoga pants for an easy and relaxed fit. Made from premium cotton, you can wear them all day and still feel light. Individuals finding more comfort in shorts can try the adjustable ones with drawstrings and high waistbands.


Another excellent activewear option for your yoga casual wear includes tights. Recycled tights for yoga made from nylon are seamless, seasonless, and sustainable. Some come with high waistbands that support the core efficiently. With these tights, you will not have to worry about moving and stretching. They are made from environmentally sustainable fabric and offer an excellent shaping effect.

Tights made from organic cotton also offer a secure and snug fit. They will support any challenging pose and allow you to perform a wide range of motions. The higher spandex content prevents the panty lines from reflecting, which is a major concern for most women. 

Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • Comfortable apparel is an essential for a successful yoga practice.
  • Yoga is an ancient practice rooted in Indian philosophy. International Yoga Day is celebrated on the 21st of June.
  • Sustainable activewear from recycling, ocean waste, bamboo and organic materials is gaining popularity.
  • Sports bras made from ocean waste are lightweight, UV-resistant, and moisture-wicking.
  • Wearing the right workout clothes enhances comfort, performance, confidence, and focus during yoga practice.

Wearing the right workout clothes is crucial for several reasons ranging from comfort to performance. The right clothes will make you feel more confident and focused. Therefore, choose appropriate activewear for an enhanced yoga experience. You can opt for sustainable yoga clothes this International Yoga Day and benefit your health and the environment. 

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