Women Are Building A Better Planet! 5 Women Working Towards A Sustainable India

In the past two decades, the world has seen a significant rise in women leaders. From tech to social causes, women entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of positive change. It has been speculated and then proven correct through many studies that women tend to be better leaders for driving holistic and sustainable development.

Sustainable development can happen only when economic growth, sustainability initiatives, and social justice are brought together. Many independent studies suggest that women make more resolute leaders and bring several crucial attributes to the table. 

When it's about aligning business goals with the crucial SDGs-innovation, collaboration, forward-thinking, environmental management, and inclusiveness, women leaders are the most trustworthy drivers of change.

Today, we are witnessing a global phenomenon with the business world changing rapidly. On the one hand, where it is crucial to continue on the growth curve, on the other, we can't turn around when the talk is about saving our planet. Sustainability and environmental protection are not only vital but also necessary. If we wish to enjoy a better tomorrow and leave a legacy that the following generations will thank us for, we can't ignore the importance of acting now!

Today, we will introduce you to 5-Indian women making a big splash in the sustainable development forefront. They are the better half who are building a better tomorrow.

  1. Sujata Chatterjee - Twirl.store

When we talk about pollution, we always turn our gaze towards plastics, oil, and other similar industries. But we forget that in 2015 alone, the fashion industry contributed to around 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions, more than the emissions of international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Sujata Chatterjee understood the plight of the fashion industry and saw a gap where, on the one hand, people had their wardrobes filled with clothes they weren't using, and on the other hand, some people had nothing to wear.

So, she started a sustainable circle and set out to make retail fashion more sustainable. Her company Twirl collects clothes from people in exchange for redeemable points and then either upcycle them or donate them to the needy through several NGO donation drives.

  1. Namrata Rana - Director-Strategy & Brand at Futurescape

Namrata Rana leads strategy and brand initiatives at Futurescape, a company working towards making the customer experience more inclusive by marrying it to sustainability goals.

Her strategic and futuristic vision helps her transform the businesses of today to be sustainable and profitable tomorrow. She helps brands understand tomorrow's business world and then helps them build a culture that's more responsive and responsible towards sustainability goals.

She uses in-depth insights and ground research as the guiding compass to build technology-enabled sustainable solutions for brands. Namrata recently released her book "SHIFT – Decisions for a NetZero World", which she has co-authored with Prof. Utkarsh Majumdar (Member Board of Governors, IIM Raipur).

  1. Roshni Nadar Malhotra - Co-founder, The Habitat Trust and Chairperson-HCL Technologies

Roshni has been working towards uplifting the economically underprivileged kids for decades. She is the trustee of the Shiv Nadar foundations that operates a non-profit engineering college in Chennai. Roshni is also the Co-founder of the Habitat Trust that works towards saving endangered species and their natural habitats in India.

The Habitat Trust focuses on protecting the lesser-known species more prone to extinction. The trust has done a remarkable job safeguarding the Indian Pangolin and the Great Indian Bustard from extinction. They have also taken up the mission to restore the coral reef ecosystems threatened by human activities.

Under the leadership and commitment of Roshni Nadar Malhotra, the Habitat Trust is leading the pack to highlight and conserve the natural habitats and their indigenous species.

  1. Dipali Goenka - CEO & Jt. MD, Welspun

Dipali Goenka is fondly known as the "CEO with a soul", and looking at her enthusiasm towards philanthropy and sustainability, the title seems justified.

Under her influential leadership, Welspun has not only made its mark in the global markets but is also setting sustainability benchmarks for others to follow. The company follows a circular approach in its operations and strives to reduce emissions and waste to the minimum.

Dipali Goenka has not only set an example of outstanding leadership and change, but she has also become the epitome of hard work and dedication for the women’s community. She has been at the forefront of the change that ensures sustainability in the cotton cultivation and fabric manufacturing industries. She is very confidently and loudly sending out a message that it is critical to balance the needs of today with that of the future, or else we might be ruining our future altogether.

  1. Tulsi Gowda - Indian Environmentalists

Tulsi Gowda was awarded Padma Shri on 26 January 2020 for actively participating in the afforestation programs. At the age of 72, having no formal education, she is the best example of dedication and persistence. She has, to date, nurtured more than forty thousand trees and is still optimistic and actively involved in planting more saplings.

Tulsi Gowda has shown the world that you don't need a degree to take care of nature. With her infectious willpower, she has not only made this world a better place but has also inspired many others to follow her on the journey. She has shown that age is just a number, and you can achieve any feat if you are determined to walk alone at first.

Final Words

Though we have talked about only 5-women who are working hard to make a sustainable future a reality, there are more women out there who are walking the same path.

Dia Mirza, Disha Ravi, Vandana Shiva, Sunita Narain, Jamuna Tudu, and Riddhima Pandey are other names making it their mission to fight the climate change battle. They all are consistently making efforts to educate people about the importance of sustainability and are driving change to create a future that we all can feel proud of.

Though a sustainable future is not a gender-centric goal, everyone in society is responsible for it. It is remarkable to see that these women are leading the charge and bringing about a positive change for all of us.