Why Should You Choose Sustainable, Ethical Sleepwear?

Imagine a sleepless night due to a wrong choice of nightwear that keeps you tossing and turning on your bed all night long. A good night's sleep is a significant necessity for good health. It plays a vital role in maintaining physical and mental health and quality of life.

Importance of sleep:

An interrupted and insufficient sleep during the night affects your following day’s routine. As the sun shines and the day comes up, you continue to feel sleepy. A disturbed sleep eventually takes a toll on your overall health. Although not immediately, it ultimately affects your body function, digestion, and thinking ability. Furthermore, it makes you tired during the day, putting you at risk of mishaps and accidents during driving or operating a machine.

Importance of comfortable sleepwear:

A sound slumber is possible with a perfect choice of comfortable sleepwear. Choosing a breathable, natural, and soft fabric with a relaxed fit is essential as setting up a sleep schedule. The correct type of fabric easily adjusts to temperature changes at night and helps you catch a peaceful sleep.

Sustainable Ethical sleepwear- A key to peaceful sleep

While searching for comfortable sleepwear, it is essential to make choices that give you peace of mind and a night of peaceful sleep. What other than sustainable, ethical sleepwear can satisfy your mind and make you fall asleep sooner. Nature gives us so much; it is our responsibility to give it back. Choosing organic clothing is one way to save the environment.

Fabrics and garments made from cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk represent the sustainable fashion industry. While cotton is lightweight and soft to touch, it is breathable and keeps the air circulating while avoiding suffocation during sleep. Silk is the best thermoregulatory material and is obtained from natural sources. Bamboos too yield a natural moisture wicking fabric and are soft and silky to touch.

Sustainable and ethical- The ethical choice!

The fashion industry adds to the pollution and unwanted chemical waste of the entire world. What if we could do our bit towards the environment and society by making deliberate choices of sustainable fashion clothes that blend natural and comfortable. Why not choose eco-friendly, ethical sleepwear? Before you order your next set of pajamas, make your choices sustainable and ethical. Here are the reasons for making the right choice:

Save the planet:

With the onset of global warming, non-degradable industrial waste to the environment leaves a considerable amount of carbon footprint on the earth. Sustainable and ethical sleepwear is made from bamboo, hemp, cotton, silk, and other sustainable sources. Sustainable clothes address environmental health concerns and are inclined towards providing social justice in terms of opportunities and privileges in society. These are beautifully handwoven or made on handlooms to give them a perfect appearance. According to research published in the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research by Springer open in 2018, sustainable clothing has become the new essential in the garment industry. It is a big step towards saving the globe. Textile and fashion are now going hand in hand, covering various domains like natural science, art, humanities, social science, and health.

As you choose this sleepwear, you make eco-friendly choices and save the environment from pollution caused by synthetic clothing.

Take good care of yourself:

Good sleep is as essential as good food or good exercise. A cozy, comfortable feeling while sleeping can come from delicately made handwoven sleepwear that is organic. Be good to yourself and pamper your body and mind with the softness of the all-season sleepwear. The light and relaxed fit of the outfits help you get a comfortable slumber.

Honour the garment industry workers:

Sustainable, ethical sleepwear is made by workers in industries where there are no unethical practices. Every bit of money you pay for this garment is an honor to workers in these handloom or handwoven industries of cotton and silk and various organic sources used to make the sleepwear.

It is ethical:

What can be more satisfying to your soul than holding your morals and ethics high? Why not practice it while buying sleepwear that is entirely organic and ethical? So go ahead and make authentic choices valued for money and assure yourself a peaceful sleep. A study published in Nature and Science of Sleep in 2016 shows that cotton-made garments provide excellent REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep as the garment is breathable.

Another study emphasized the importance of sleeping microclimate. Thermal insulation and comfort are required by individuals with a low metabolic rate, like older adults. Even the people who work in shifts experience a disturbed body clock and need sleepwear that optimizes the thermal comfort for pleasurable sleep.

Quality matters:

The upcycled garments have good quality and fit so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep without distractions. The fabric is woven and handmade with delicateness; hence quality is excellent. Furthermore, cotton is breathable and gives good protection by soaking sweat and keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night's sleep.

A successful and hassle-free daily routine is a byproduct of your sleep quality. The sleep.org organization that researches sleep and various other aspects that affect a good night's sleep has a list of suggestions regarding the clothing you should choose while sleeping. Going organic is the answer in today’s world. The synthetic garment industry has been adding to the hazardous waste that has a devastating effect on the entire globe. Organically grown plants like bamboo or non-GMO cotton offer several benefits to the planet as they are free from harmful pesticides and do not affect soil fertility. Additionally, they are safe for the skin, especially when you have sensitive skin.

Go green!

The ultimate word of advice for a peaceful sleep is making a wise and eco-friendly choice. Go green, choose sustainable clothing made in ethical ways, and do justice to your body and mind. As you struggle to get a good night's sleep, slip into sustainable and ethical clothing that gives you sweet, dreamy sleep.