Why Play Holi With Herbal Gulaal Vs Regular Holi Colours

Holi is the festival of colours, bringing thousands of memories. The red, pink, blue, green, and yellow faces are worth a sight. But some people avoid using the Holi colours because they fear damaging their skin. 

Consequently, organic Holi colours have emerged as an alternative. They can be used explicitly by skin-conscious people and prevent any harm. The festival does not restrict itself to the colours; there is more.

  1. Songs, dance, music, thandai, sweets, etc., are also integral to the celebration. Families show their love for each other by offering or sending gift hampers. Please keep reading to learn why you should opt for herbal colours. 

Reasons to Buy Herbal Colour 


Herbal gulal is less likely to cause any damage to your skin. The chemicals in the usual colours lead to skin redness, rashes, and more. Kids are the most excited ones but tend to suffer due to chemicals in colours. Switching to organic gulaal is the best way to enjoy the festival while protecting the skin. 

Protects Eyes

The ones who play Holi know what it is like to have colour gone straight into the eyes. The chemicals present in the colours can sometimes also result in internal damage. The organic gulal is free from hazardous chemicals and protects your eyes. 

Avoids Hair Damage 

  1. Regular colours impact skin, eyes, and hair. It can seep into the scalp and leave your core damaged. Several people experience dryness and excessive hair fall post using regular colours. You can choose herbal ones to ensure optimum protection.

Animal Compatibility 

  1. Many overlook the comfort of their pets during the festival season. However, as a pet owner, you must ensure your pet is safe. One way of doing it is by using herbal gulal colour. Organic usage of colours will not harm your pets. 

Environment Friendly 

  1. The chemicals in the colours get absorbed by the soil once the festival ends. The nutrients in the soil can get reduced as a consequence. In contrast, herbal products are safe and have no such problems. 
  2. There is a massive variety of Holi gulal available in the market. From yellow to blue, you will get all the colours. However, it is suggested to purchase from a reputed platform. It will guarantee an authentic purchase and provide you with a safer experience. 
  3. Various brands offer colour packs, Holi gift hampers, etc., at excellent rates. Research a bit to grab the best deals. 

Tips to Play Safe Holi 

  1. The first and foremost way to ensure a safe Holi is by choosing the right colours. Home-made, organic, or herbal colours are recommended for the best results. The natural ingredients are less likely to tamper with your skin and hair.
    • Apply lots of cream or oil ( preferably coconut ) to your skin before going out. It will not allow the colour to stick to your face and body. You will be able to remove whatever colour is applied easily.
    • Covering your head with a hat or cap is another way of adding a protective layer. You can also use a shower cap.
    • Try to avoid getting your face rinsed with colours. Also, please keep your eyes and lips shut while someone is applying it too enthusiastically.
    • If someone has applied dark chemical colours on your face, do not rinse it with soap. It can make your skin dry. Use cleansing milk instead for proper cleaning without damaging your face. 
    • It is suggested to refrain from roaming around in the streets during peak celebration time. Decide beforehand whether you will play at home, with friends, or attend a Holi party. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Holi is one of the most significant and primarily celebrated festivals in India. Today it is celebrated in many parts of the globe. People can sometimes get overwhelmed during the celebrations. Follow the above tips for a safe and happy Holi. Start with purchasing organic hues as a part of your to-do list.

    A quality brand will offer quality products. Read a few reviews before making a checkout to get an idea. Check the ingredients list and ensure they are natural and safe. Go organic and celebrate the festival in a better way. 

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