What is A2 Cow Ghee? Here's Everything You Need to Know

The demand for chemical-free, preservative-free, organic and locally-produced foods is on the rise because they have proven to be highly beneficial to one's health. But in the last few decades, there's a prevalent rumour that ghee is not good for us and makes people obese. This is far from the truth.

Ghee is one of the critical ingredients recommended in Indian traditional cooking. Ghee helps maintain strong bones, good skin and hair, aids digestion and is a good source of healthy fat.

The demand for A2 cow ghee has grown in Indian kitchens recently, and organic cow ghee is hailed for its numerous health benefits. Ghee comes from different types of milk. Ghee made from buffalo milk is very heavy and contains a higher fat percentage. On the other hand, A2 cow ghee has sattvic properties according to Ayurveda.

What is A2 Cow Ghee?

There are two types of proteins found in cow milk. A2 protein is found in milk from cows native to India, also known as Desi cows. The A2 milk protein is superior to the A1 milk protein. A1 protein found in regular milk is difficult to digest; it can often cause digestive discomfort in children. This is also a reason for milk intolerance, especially in children.

Regular milk is often linked to metabolic diseases, e.g. type 1 diabetes, inflammations, heart disease, etc. 

How is A2 cow ghee produced?

The quality of ghee depends on the quality of milk used to prepare it. In India, farmers still rear native cows on their farms. These cows are not raised on an industrial scale; they move freely and feed on fresh green grass and pasture plants. The Desi cow breeds are native to the land and adapted to the climate, water, and vegetation. The milk produced is natural and not artificially boosted using drugs. The feed is also chemical- and hormone-free. The natural environment ensures the best quality of milk. The ghee made from A2 milk is thus premium quality and optimum for health.

Organic A2 cow ghee is prepared as per the tradition followed over thousands of years in Indian homes. The cream of the milk is separated and stored and is heated on the stove to give delicious aromatic ghee. This ghee is rich in probiotics as well and retains its fine texture.



Organic A2 cow ghee is prepared in small quantities at a time, and the quality is superior to mass-produced industrial ghee. The melting point of A2 cow ghee is very high, so it is suitable for cooking at high temperatures. The high smoking point ensures no toxins are produced from high-heat cooking, and the food retains its nutrients.

    Health benefits of A2 cow ghee

    • Aids digestion: A2 cow ghee is lighter than buffalo ghee or butter and easy to digest. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients and keeps the digestive fire burning for active metabolism and elimination of waste and toxins.
    • Maintains flexible joints: Consumption of A2 cow ghee promotes mobility of joints and bone health. It reduces inflammation and dryness in the body, skin, and joints.
    • Brain health: A2 cow ghee promotes brain health by keeping the brain sharp. Ayurveda prescribes cow ghee to prevent age-related memory loss.
    • Good vision: In Ayurveda, consuming cow ghee with other herbs is recommended for clear vision.
    • Immunity booster: Ghee contains vital nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids that promote immunity, strengthen the digestive system, and maintain gut health. Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases of the digestive system like IBS, colitis, etc. The fatty acid in A2 cow ghee controls inflammation and shields us from these modern-day diseases.
    • Nutrient-rich diet: A2 cow ghee packs fat-soluble nutrients like VItamin A, B, D, and Vitamin K, which are essential for growth and vitality. It is also rich in antioxidants that help prevent diseases like cancer.
    • Fast healing: Ghee also aids in quicker recovery from illness and wounds.
    • Beauty: A2 cow ghee adds sheen to hair and prevents hair loss. A spoonful of ghee daily maintains flawless skin and slows down the body's wear and tear and ageing process.

    Why choose A2 cow ghee?

    All parents want to prepare fresh, wholesome food for their children from organic, clean ingredients. A2 cow ghee is a superfood that enhances the nutritional value of any dish. A spoonful of A2 cow ghee is equivalent to the love and goodness of all nutrients required by the body, according to ancient Indian wisdom.

    You may find A2 cow ghee to be more expensive than mass-produced brands available in the market because of the quantity and superior quality of the milk used. Traditional ghee uses milk from cows reared in extensive facilities. Hormone or antibiotic feed is given to these cows to enhance milk production. The ghee is stored on shelves for a long time, often using preservatives.

    A2 organic cow ghee is value for money as it enhances health and well-being. A2 cow ghee is produced in small batches using traditional methods and high-quality milk from free-range farms. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients used.  The ghee is packed in glass jars to avoid any plastic contamination. 

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