Why are Bamboo Razors Good For You and the Planet


If there’s one way to describe the future, it must be sustainable! With the prevalent climate crisis threat, it becomes all the more vital to consume all resources judiciously and reasonably, ensuring we leave behind a beautiful planet for our future generations. Sustainable living is a choice that starts from home - from the minutest activities one performs on a daily basis. With a variety of disposable products available, one can only imagine the amount of waste they generate. Switching to eco-friendly alternatives is a step ahead in the right direction!

What are bamboo razors?

Bamboo razors are razors made with natural bamboo, rendering them eco-friendly and long-lasting. The head of the razor is made with stainless steel, and can be replaced as and when required. The bamboo razors at Amala Earth are a suitable alternative to single-use plastic. Products made with single-use plastics end up in landfills, adding to the mountain of waste that the world is grappling with. This alternative is suitable for the planet, as it ensures lesser waste accumulation. Disposable plastic razors add significant waste every year, since they are non-biodegradable.



Advantages of Bamboo razors

Bamboo razors are more durable, can be reused, are 100% sustainable, and offer a fabulous grip with little to no chances of a skin reaction. The blades can be replaced, and the razor is light in weight, making it easy to use. And the best part? The razors are unisex, one can use them without a worry in the world!

Save the planet

By switching to bamboo razors, one could potentially be contributing to making the Earth a greener place. Here’s how this can be done, as numerous scientific studies over the years have shown

  1. Bamboo is a natural raw material that is affordable and exceedingly flexible, so it can be moulded to numerous shapes and sizes.
  2. Since it is locally available, it eradicates the need to rely on resources that may be scarce, expensive and non-eco friendly.
  3. With the easy availability of bamboo, the rate of deforestation may see a steady decline as dependence on bamboo eliminates the need for products like timber.
  4. Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants and can be harvested in just 3-5 years, studies have shown in contrast to other crops that may take 10-20 years to harvest.
  5. According to reports, bamboo is a renewable resource. It absorbs a great deal of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.
  6. Another essential point to consider, when it comes to growing bamboo is that it requires virtually no chemicals or fertilisers for growth. These toxins often cause a lot of soil depletion and erosion, thereby harming the environment.
  7. Studies also claim that bamboo as a plant can be grown in a variety of climatic conditions, whether its arid or tropical areas, making it diverse and easy to grow.

A diverse range of razors at Amala Earth

At Amala Earth, one will be spoiled for choices! The portal offers numerous razors to choose from based on your taste and need. From ‘pure bamboo and stainless steel double edge razor’ to ‘Safety Razor | Double Edged Reusable Bamboo Razor’ and ‘Women Body Razor | Reusable Bamboo Razor | Pack of 10 Reusable Blades’ among many other products.

How to care for bamboo razors

Just like regular razors, bamboo razors too demand care and attention. To begin with, it is important to ensure hygiene with every use.

  • For the best results after every shave, it is essential to detach the blade and clean off the hair that might have accumulated on it.
  • You must keep the razor clean and dry for the bamboo body to sustain for long.
  • Always store the product in a dry place after use. One doesn’t want the razor to remain damp and wet as this may compromise its effectiveness.
  • You must ensure the skin is nicely cleaned, moisturised, and disinfected after shaving.

Why Amala Earth?

At Amala Earth, we aim to live in close harmony with nature and give back to the planet, whatever it has provided us, in abundance. The best way to do this is to consciously decide to use sustainable alternatives to commonly available products! At Amala Earth, one can get their hands on a diverse range of products, from self-care to beauty, superfoods to gifts, and so much more. And the best part? Everything is sustainable, handpicked locally to suit the environment.


  1. Are bamboo razors long lasting?

Yes, bamboo razors are a one-time investment, and are long lasting, since the material they are made of is super durable.

  1. How easy is it to use?

Just like regular, disposable razors, bamboo razors are easy to use and cause fewer injuries than regular razors.

  1. How must one store it?

Always dry the blade as well as the rest of the razor with a dry cloth or towel and store it in a safe place.



So, the verdict is out - bamboo razors are more eco-friendly than regular razors, and can significantly help in saving the planet! Global warming and the prevalent climate crisis seems more real than ever before. As conscious citizens, we have the responsibility of curbing our carbon footprint and engaging in the judicious use of resources. A drop forms an ocean, and a small step like making the switch to bamboo razors has the potential to go a long way!

Change starts with you, and Amala Earth is your one-stop shop to initiate that change. The next time you set your heart on something, think twice - can an alternate choice bring you closer to a greener planet?