What to Eat in Summers That is Light & Healthy
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Jul 06, 2023

The love for food remains constant even with the rise in temperature during the summer season. However, making slight adjustments to your diet in summer is necessary to stay afloat and cool. Eating light does not indicate reducing the quantity of food or eating less. The idea is to include wholesome foods that can easily be digested and help your gut stay light.

Summer is the perfect time to explore an array of refreshing food and drinks. Whether you are lounging beside the pool or planning a picnic, the fun remains incomplete without good food. We have listed several healthy choices to keep you light and prepare you for the summer adventure. 

Healthy Snacks 

Our list of organic food for summer is full of healthy snacks. Eating chocolates will not interrupt your diet anymore. With a non-sugar healthy variant of dark chocolate, you don’t need to count your calories while eating. From spreads to chips, you can get dark chocolate in ample varieties. Protein bars can rescue your snack cravings if you are not a chocolate person. 

You can also grab some date balls to boost your energy levels during the scorching heat. They make one of the top nutritious snacks for summer. Muesli is another tasty and healthy snack option. From chocolate and almonds to cranberries, you can get it in each variety. You can significantly improve your metabolism by eating muesli regularly. 

Nuts and Seeds

If you want to know the secret to maintaining good health, it includes nuts and seeds in your summer diet. They are among the best natural summer foods. Pumpkin, watermelon, sunflowers, and chia seeds are good sources of healthy fats, fibres, and proteins. 

They will regulate your food intake and help you with your in-between meal cravings. You can also try organic walnuts and stay healthy with a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Seed mixes or mixed berries are nutritious and tasty options for summer. You can purchase a nut trail mix and keep it on the side desk at home or office. 

Healthy nuts and seeds for summer will fulfil your vitamins, minerals and other nutrient requirements. They are considered summer superfoods and help fight several age-related issues in the long run. 

Healthy Premixes

Are you fond of eating dosa but do not want to undergo the long preparation process? Well, the classic dosa premix can be a lifesaver in this regard. They are easy to make and get ready in no time. Besides, their gluten-free variety makes them excellent for light summer meals

Not only dosa, but also other premixes are available. For instance, the choco ragi pancakes premix is a perfect breakfast option that can be prepared instantly. Similarly, cinnamon oats and multigrain flakes, almond and cranberry muesli, jowar upma mix, etc, are other low-calorie summer recipes. And you don’t need to spend hours preparing them. These premixes will get ready quickly and are among the best healthy foods. 

Summer Drinks

The weather is bound to get hot in the summer. Therefore, ensuring your body has enough fluid is vital, besides eating healthy. While hydration is always important, its need in summer doubles. A solid intake is crucial since we tend to lose too much fluid through sweating. Coconut water, cold coffee milkshake premix, sparkling fermented tea, and lemon squash are a few hydrating summer drinks

Hydrating yourself adequately will add clarity to your thoughts besides improving your mental focus. You can also try different Ayurvedic sharbat with extracts of anar, amla or even kacha aam. They will help you fight dehydration, thirst, and fatigue. Stock these ready-to-drink beverages for the summer to keep yourself hydrated and fresh. 

Wrap Up

Takeaway -

  • Eating light in summer means including easily digestible foods to keep your stomach calm.
  • Healthy snacks like dark chocolate, protein bars, date balls, and muesli will satisfy your summer snack cravings.
  • Premixes like dosa premix, choco ragi pancakes, and almond cranberry muesli are quick and light summer meal options.
  • Coconut water, cold coffee milkshakes, sparkling fermented tea, and lemon squash are popular summer drinks. 

Eating light and healthy is key to staying cool in summer. While embracing the flavours of summer, remember to prioritise your health. With the above nourishing options, you can stay cool, refreshed, and energised throughout the sun-soaked days. 

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