What is Vegan Leather? Eco-friendly Bags and Accessories at Amala Earth

Bags and accessories define a woman's style. What's more when they are environmentally friendly as well. Yes, one can get hold of jute tote bags, cases and other accessories made from natural as well as animal-free sources, reducing one's carbon footprint on the earth.

Let us get to know them in more depth and where one can find them.

What is ethical leather?

Ethically sourced leather is leather processed and obtained from animals that are in the end stage of their life cycle. This means that once these animals pass over naturally, their skin is harvested, cleaned, and processed to make leather and is used to make bags and accessories. The best thing about ethical leather is that cows or other animals are not bred for leather from their birth and is hence cruelty-free.

Bags and Accessories Made from Ethical Leather

A regular tote bag made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced leather makes for a comfy bag for all gatherings and functions and Bhai Dooj gifts. One can use it to keep their small accessories, wallet, money, and handkerchief. Its intricate design and warm texture will make one crave more.


  1. Ethically Sourced Leather Sling Bag

Amala Earth has a wide range of uniquely woven, comfortable sling bags made from the finest ethical leather. Highlighting features of these bags include its magnetic snap closure and zipped pockets for additional safety.


  1. Laptop and iPad Sleeve

Keep laptops and iPads safe with unique, ethically sourced leather sleeves. Available in stylish colours and designs, these sleeves are reusable and environmentally friendly. It is an ideal teacher's day gift.


  1. Vegan Leather Backpacks

We have vegan leather backpacks that are made from vegan cactus leather, while the inner lining is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The different colour varieties go well with most outfits and is spacious, keeping in mind the space required to keep essentials. It makes for an amazing Christmas gift.



What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is from a non-animal source, basically synthetically made leather. The primary sources include polyvinyl chloride and plastic from petroleum and are, therefore, termed vegan. Other sources include plant and tree shavings.


Environment-friendly bags and accessories

Bags, particularly handbags, tote bags, travel pouches, cases, etc., are available in cotton, jute, wool, cork, denim, kauna grass, and upcycled material.


  1. Cotton Bags

Handbags, sling bags, handmade tote bags, and pouches are now available in reusable cotton, handcrafted cotton, and cotton macrame varieties. One can buy canvas sling bags made with handcrafted cotton on Amala Earth. They are perfect as Onam gifts to give our loved ones.

Handcrafted Cork Bags

    Cork material is obtained from the cork shavings of the bark of a cork oak tree. It is completely natural OR id: safe OR id: and long-lasting. Amala Earth has a wide range of uniquely designed cork sling and baguette bags OR id: appropriate as gifts to a friend or as Diwali gifts to family members.


    1. Kauna Grass Bags

      Kauna grass is a water reed used to make rigid kauna grass tote bags and baskets. These are handcrafted by artisans from all over India. They get along on most occasions and are sturdy as they can carry one's wallet OR id: keys and accessories. It is a perfect karwa chauth gift for wife.



      1. Card Case

      Cork and copper glaze make for an amazing combo in card cases. Along with being sturdy OR id: these cases carry all cards OR id: keys and currencies and are completely natural and reusable. 


      1. Mobile Covers

      Get the most stylish cover or mobile case for iPhone 11 pro-Max. These are essentially upcycled cork materials moulded into natural mobile covers.

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