Ways Cork Yoga Blocks Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice that brings balance to our body, mind, and spirit. It is one of the most beneficial ways to increase physical and mental health. However, how can you incorporate yoga into your lifestyle without hurting yourself?

The answer is using “Cork Yoga Blocks”. 

Cork is one of the planet's most versatile, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials. And what better way to use this amazing material than in a product that can help you deepen your yoga practice? 

This blog lists five ways to use cork yoga blocks to deepen your yoga practice. But first, let us understand what cork yoga blocks are and how they benefit us. 

What are cork yoga blocks?

The natural properties of cork help make these blocks ideal for yoga practice. They are soft enough to be used comfortably but not so soft that they will wear out quickly. The cork is also relatively low-friction, which means they do not cause discomfort when using them.

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The cork yoga block is one of today's most widely utilised yoga props. They are manufactured from the cork oak tree's bark, indigenous to North Africa and southern Europe.


What are the benefits of using cork yoga blocks?

The main benefit of using cork blocks for those who want to improve their circulation is that they help improve blood flow throughout their bodies by increasing lymphatic drainage and providing pressure relief for their ankles, legs, feet, hands, and face. The increased blood flow also helps boost your energy levels and overall mood!


Five ways cork yoga blocks can deepen your yoga practice


1. It helps in standing asanas

Cork yoga blocks are a great way to practice standing poses and other asanas. They can help you balance and hold the pose for longer, which is especially beneficial if you are new to yoga or have mobility issues.

These blocks are made from cork. The cork is the perfect material for helping you hold the pose and balance your body weight while in an asana.

The best part about using these blocks is that they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable. They’re also safe to use on your body since they’re made from natural materials such as cork, not plastic or metal. Some asanas, like Ardha Chandrasana, revolved triangle, Parsvakonasana, etc., can be easily done using cork blocks. 


2. It helps you strengthen your core

You can put cork yoga blocks under your hands and do pushups with the help of the blocks. You can also use yoga blocks to gain stability and strength in your core muscles while strengthening your lower back.

For improved alignment, body awareness, and strength, you can place these yoga blocks between your inner thighs in postures like plank, lower plank, etc. 

Yoga cork blocks help strengthen the lower back, hips, abs, and thighs. In addition, they are great for balancing the body on one leg and making it more symmetrical.


3. It helps you with seated asanas

Seated forward bends are among the most accessible poses for beginners and can be used to help improve alignment and flexibility.

And while you can do some poses without props, others, like seated asanas, can be made more comfortable and stable with the help of natural cork yoga blocks.

Natural cork yoga blocks are a great way to support your body in seated asanas. 

All you need to do is strengthen your lower body. Those natural cork yoga blocks can also be placed under the hip for hip rotation and to achieve forward pelvic tilt in asanas like Pigeon Pose. 

If you're looking for a natural cork yoga block, check out Amala Earth for some great options.


4. It helps you amp up your camel pose

The camel pose is a great pose to stretch and strengthen your spine. It also has many health benefits, including stretching the lower back muscles and improving blood circulation.

If you are new to yoga, the camel pose might be challenging for you to do. It is because it requires balance and flexibility to maintain the posture.

It is a challenging pose that requires a lot of strength. Therefore, you can use a block or for extra support if you feel like you are straining too much.

You can place cork blocks between the thighs to obtain internal rotation and more stability when you squeeze.



5. It helps you with doing yoga bicycles

Yoga bicycles are not a traditional practice. While they may look like simple exercises, they require strength and balance to perform correctly.

Maintaining the block position also improves concentration and upper- and lower-body coordination.

The cork block helps you to focus on your core while also strengthening the inner thighs and the pectoral muscles in your chest. The block also teaches you the art of using your hips as a fulcrum for balancing yourself on one leg or the other.


Buy your cork yoga block now.

While yoga props are not necessary for everyone, they can be helpful for those who want a more profound yoga practice. Cork yoga blocks are a great option for those looking for a natural, eco-friendly product. They are sturdy and comfortable and can help you achieve the alignment you desire in your yoga poses.

Amala Earth offers a variety of cork yoga blocks to suit your needs. Visit our page to learn more about our natural cork blocks and incorporate them into your routine. 

Not only will you get a supporting prop to deepen your yoga practice, but these cork yoga blocks will also help you release stress!