Vocal for Local

As Republic Day 2024 draws closer, the sentiment of self-reliance and pride for the country is in the air. And what encapsulates this sentiment better than the Vocal for Local campaign? This nationwide initiative is the perfect way to celebrate the local artisans and craftsmen of India. Let’s dive in and explore some homegrown brands available at Amala Earth that are contributing towards building an Atmanirbhar India.

What is Vocal for Local?

Vocal for Local is a national initiative that emphasises the importance of self-sufficiency by promoting homegrown brands and local artisans. The campaign has garnered huge support and has urged the Indian masses to shop for locally manufactured and artisan-made products. Keep reading to learn about some of the best homegrown and sustainable brands available on the Amala Earth platform.

8 Homegrown Brands to Try at Amala Earth

At Amala Earth, you can shop from brands that are homegrown and resonate with our ethos of sustainability and conscious living. This Republic Day 2024, check out these 8 homegrown brands that are crafting mindful products and supporting the Vocal for Local initiative.

1. Fermoscapes

If you are looking for an earth-friendly home decor brand that celebrates human creativity along with nature? Check out Fermoscapes. The brand aims to make your living space more sustainable by actively collaborating with local artisans and craftsmen and preserving traditional techniques. They offer beautiful home decor items that can uplift your interiors and make them come alive.

2. Banera

Explore this homegrown fashion brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. From pure cotton to organic silk, Banera offers sustainable and handcrafted fashion that displays the richness of Indian culture and craftsmanship. Support Vocal for Local movement by choosing slow fashion from Banera available at Amala Earth.

3. Nurture India

Here’s an Indian lifestyle brand that aims to bolster India’s artisan economy one product at a time. Launched in 2018, Nurture India aims to empower artisanal  communities of the nation. They offer sustainable and eco-friendly products while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

4. EcoRight

If you are looking for sustainable tote bags, wallets and satchels, check out EcoRight. This brand makes products made of conscious materials like organic cotton through sustainable processes. By opting for products from homegrown and local brands, you can celebrate Indian craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing.

5. House This

House This is a homegrown Indian decor brand that offers modern designs paired with traditional Indian aesthetics. The brand aims to combine originality, thoughtfulness and reliability along with exceptional design capabilities.

6. Abel House

Abel House is a women-led brand that offers sustainable products for your home and you. From Kansa utensils and home decor items to elegant brass jewellery, you can find a range of handcrafted products by Abel House.

7. Arras

Discover the magic of North Eastern culture through traditional fashion crafted through mindful practices and organic fabrics by Arras. Shop for sarees, ahimsa scarves and dresses by Arras to celebrate the Made in India movement.

8. Green Heirloom

Green Heirloom is a sustainable lifestyle brand that offers eco-friendly cookware made by Indian artisans. You can find brass utensils, kitchen tools and ceramic home items reflective of the traditional artisanship and ethical practices rooted in Indian heritage.

The Takeaway

This Republic Day, take pride in Indian craftsmanship by supporting local artisans and homegrown brands available at Amala Earth. Invest in handmade decor, sustainable fashion, and lifestyle products that celebrate Indian culture and innovation. Lastly, check out our Vocal for Local collection to find artisanal sarees, handcrafted home accents, organic food and non-toxic beauty essentials in one place.

FAQs on Vocal for Local

What is Vocal for Local meaning?

Vocal for Local is an initiative started by the Indian government to support local entrepreneurs and homegrown brands to emphasise the importance of self-sufficiency. The movement encourages consumers to support locally-made products and services.

What is Make in India Vocal for Local?

Make in India Vocal for Local are two initiatives of the Indian government that go hand in hand to support Indian businesses and encourage the promotion of locally produced goods. Customers can support these movements by shopping from homegrown brands and supporting the Indian economy.

What are the benefits of Vocal for Local?

Vocal for Local is an initiative that can help foster economic growth by creating multiple job opportunities and supporting local businesses. In addition, it helps preserve traditional craftsmanship and enhances self reliance by reducing the dependence on foreign products.