Vegan Footwear for All Occasions

Over one billion animals are killed every year just for the leather industry's production of clothing and accessories. However, things don't need to be in this state.

  1. Amala Earth brings together the businesses, products, industry professionals, and common people who are working to make the globe a sustainable place. It reduces its influence on the environment and seeks sustainable alternatives, all while manufacturing vegan footwear that is trendy, and comfortable that can be worn for any occasion at an accessible price.
  2. 1. Festive Wear for Women | Vegan Leather Sandals | Golden & Black

These vegan sandals are from Paaduks. They are made of vegan leather that is both flexible and supple. These feature brocade straps that are lined with a pliable faux leather alternative. They are designed in the traditional Kolhapuri style, especially for all festivals.

Tire rubber is used to make the soles of these shoes. These vegan sandals are made from the most sustainable materials possible. They are handcrafted by craftsmen per fair trade principles.

  1. 2. Vegan Shoes | Striped Ballerinas | Yellow Misfit Panda

These adorable Misfit Panda Ballerinas are just what you need for an upcoming endeavour that won't be too taxing on your energy. They are a perfect fit for all office or casual parties over the weekends.

These vegan shoes do not cause harm to animals. They are vegan-friendly and use environmentally responsible components. This vegan shoe is constructed out of Khes cloth. This cloth is a densely woven cotton fabric that is hand-loomed. The Mughals were known for their expertise in this traditional textile art.

  1. 3. Vegan Leather Block Heels | Navy PAIO

This vegan heel is incredibly flexible and may be worn with any outfit. It was hand-crafted using eco-friendly materials. The heels are made with extracts of coconut. This makes the perfect footwear for office or party wear.

  1. 4. Vegan Footwear | Upcycled Rubber Flats | Black & Brown Paaduks

These vegan flats are crafted from recycled rubber. They are perfect for errand running as well as other low-key activities. Because they are made of rubber, they are water resistant, as well as simple to clean and maintain.

These vegan flats are guaranteed to last you a very long time. This is because they are hand-crafted by cobblers. The methods used have stood the test of time.

  1. 5. Vegan Leather Flats | Maroon PAIO

Flats that are understated in their sophistication are all that is required to pull off a chic look throughout the summer. The finish of the organic material is as lovely as the handiwork that went into producing it.

It is produced with coconut extracts. It is handcrafted using sustainable resources. This is set to be a fundamental piece of clothing that is about to command everyone's attention.

  1. 6. Vegan Leather Flats | Green Paaduks

The upper straps and bottom footbed of these pair of green slide-in vegan slippers by Paaduks are both crafted from faux leather. It features a cushioned insole bed that is 8 millimetres in thickness.

Except for the monsoons, these vegan slippers may be worn throughout the year. These slippers are perfect for that cute date out in the summer.

  1. 7. Vegan Cruelty-Free Bridal Heels | White Sole Stories

These stunningly ornate white bridal heels are set in a white net with delicate flower embroidery. They are finished off with pure white satin. They are the ideal pair of shoes for the occasion of "happily ever after."

Every one of these occasion edits has been meticulously and lovingly handmade. Embroideries, upper, inner, insole, sole, and accessories are all created from only the highest quality manmade materials. All this makes them vegan and free from the use of any products derived from animals.

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