Top 5 Ways To Style Athleisure Wear And Promote Sustainability

The fashion industry has no particular option or trend to cater to. The new trend in the fashion industry, athleisure, has taken the world by storm, and everyone, including some non-fashion-promoting people, is talking about it.

Some may wonder what it is, a combination of athletic and leisure that aims to provide a very comfortable yet stylish lifestyle.

Sustainable athleisure wear is meant to be used not only by sports enthusiasts but for people looking for a comfortable clothing option for everyday use. And this comfortable wear includes a sports bra, organic cotton sweatpants, and many others. And if someone's more inclined towards yoga, they can wear yoga pants and yoga shorts for their daily yoga sessions.

Now, let's understand athleisure wear in detail and how a sustainability factor can make athleisure wear an ideal option for comfortable and earth-friendly fashion and clothing options.

What is sustainable athleisure wear?

Athleisure is not a new trend, but it was in the market for some time until social media and fitness enthusiasts made it more widespread.

The term "athleisure" describes a particular category of clothing made from materials specific to athletic wear and gym clothes but styled in a way that can be worn as everyday leisurewear.

However, it is called sustainable athleisure as this clothing is made from earth-friendly materials, including organic cotton, linen, hemp, recycled cotton, animal-derived natural fabrics, and synthetic fabrics.

Why is Athleisure wear getting famous and trendy?

The fashion industry has never been stagnant for even six months. Every day something is cooking in the fashion studios, and designers work tirelessly to make a great fashion product.

As a result, athleisure wear has become popular because of its connection to the fitness industry and the added functionality of comfortability. And this comfortable yet sportswear has made everyone rethink the fashion they carry all day.

Sustainable athleisure wear for comfortable wearing

There's no specific way to style athleisure wear, but the following are the five most common and trendy ways to do it.

1: Cotton naturally dyed dress: Keep comfort in mind

Athleisure wear is famous for its comfortable styling that keeps everyone ready to go.

For example, the organic cotton naturally dyed dress and organic cotton sweatpants can also be worn at offices and grocery stores. This style can be worn anywhere, including the office, grocery store, etc.

In short, comfort comes with athleisure wear, which is how someone can identify an excellent athleisure style.

2: Oversized tops mixed with body-tight bottoms

Are they going for a yoga session? Pair a stylish baggy top over a sports bra and match it up with yoga pants or yoga shorts.

A baggy clothing style keeps a casual look, and the organic cotton sweatpants can be worn with any baggy/oversized or regular tops.

3: Cotton Eco-Printed Rose Petals Dress

Sustainable athleisure wear has a particular style of wearing, including showcasing the brand logos upfront.

But, it also requires a stylist not to make a logo the only attraction in the whole look or style. To make a balanced look with athleisure wear, mix it up to contrast branded clothing with classic, simple pieces. Check out this cotton eco-printed dress at Amala Earth.

4: Cotton naturally dyed dress: Combining stylish clothes with minimalist aesthetics

Athleisure wear can also be defined as minimalist styling.

This sustainable black organic cotton-dyed dress at Amala Earth can add much value to your day and more if worn at an event or party.

Besides this black cotton-dyed dress, one can style a look for an outing, combining stylish clothes with a minimalist look—for example, wearing organic cotton sweatpants with baggy or oversized tops. And a sports bra can add more confidence.

Choose the best athleisure wear from Amala Earth and its sustainable clothing collection, make a perfect athleisure look, and flaunt the trend.