Top 10 Tips to Manage Frizzy Hair in the Monsoons

Monsoon brings relief from the scorching heat, but sadly, it isn’t the same for your hair. High humidity levels can have a drastic effect on hair. However, the impact of moisture in the air varies based on hair texture. Curly hair will become puffy, while straight, fine hair will look limp. Thus, hair care is crucial to prevent further damage.

If you're searching for ways to manage your hair this monsoon, look no more. Here's your ultimate guide on frizzy hair tips for monsoons to enjoy frizz-free and healthy hair.

Apply Hair Serum

Hair serums aren't just a fad that you have been seeing all around. Applying them is among one of the best monsoon hair care tips for frizzy hair. Since humid air impacts dry hair more, they can be a great solution to combat frizz. Serums create a barrier between the hair and moisture in the atmosphere, which keeps them hydrated, soft, and smooth. 

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Always apply the recommended amount of serum on towel-dried hair. 

Tie Up Hairstyle

One of the best ways to manage frizzy hair in the monsoons is by making an easy updo. This way, moisture won't trap in your hair. You can try hairstyles like loose top knots, buns and braids.

The idea is to pull back your hair using humidity-friendly hairstyles.

Use Hair Gels

Regarding top tips for frizzy hair in the monsoons, hair gels are definitely on the list. Anybody with high volume, wavy, curly, and textured hair can use lightweight gels to achieve a sleek and slim texture. Hair gels will hold your tied-up hairstyle all day long. Besides, curly hair girls can use it to loosen and smooth out their curls. 

It will also help to tame those flyaways. 

Buy Anti-frizz Products

Want to know how to control frizzy hair during monsoons? Changing your hair care routine is advisable during humid weather. Managing rough hair won't be a task when you invest in exclusively curated monsoon hair products. It can include anti-frizz shampoos, monsoon hair oils and conditioners. These products contain unique ingredients and nutrients to moisturise the hair.

Nowadays, you'll also find organic hair products infused with Ayurvedic and natural ingredients in the market, such as shea butter, amla, and methi.

Head Massage

It's recommended to spare some time from your busy schedule to oil your hair. It's an age-old grandma's tip that truly works wonders and is among the most effective remedies for frizzy hair in the monsoons. If time is a constraint, you can massage oil only 30 minutes before showering.

Hair Wash with Lukewarm Water

Washing hair with hot water can damage hair follicles, causing frizzy, brittle, and dry hair. So it's advisable to switch to lukewarm water during the humid climate. It will tighten your hair scales and boost glossiness. It is one of the most natural solutions for managing frizzy hair during monsoons.

Micro-towels to Dry Hair

Keeping hair moisture as low as possible is crucial, especially post-hair wash. Replacing regular towels with extra-absorbent micro-towels will help in preventing frizzy hair during monsoons. Besides, these varieties of towels are more delicate on the hair, which lessens frizz and tangle. 

Heat Protectant to Prevent Breakage

If you frequently use a flatiron, hairstylists suggest applying a heat protectant post-styling. These products prevent frizziness by not allowing direct heat to contact and damage hair follicles. 

Additional tip: Avoid styling tools, but if you want to use, keep your hair straightening tool to the lowest setting.

Include Cooling Foods in the Diet

Staying hydrated from the inside will also show good results from the outside, including your hair. In humid weather, try adding foods with cooling properties to your eating regime. Some ideal suggestions are raw mango, Kokum, coconut water, cucumber, Sabja seeds, and Sattu.

Deep Condition with Hair Masks

The final expert advice on managing frizzy hair during monsoons is using hair masks. They won't just protect your tresses from humidity but will also reverse seasonal damage.

Hair masks penetrate deeply, providing much-needed nourishment to brittle and dull hair.

Final Words

Takeaway -

  • A slight change in your hair care routine can become an effective moisture-resistant and frizz-free solution. 
  • Switch to monsoon-friendly hair products when humidity levels are high in the air.
  • A proper diet with simple pull-back hairstyles and hair care techniques will protect hair follicles from over-absorption of moisture.

A little seasonal frizz is manageable, but entirely neglecting your hair can do long-term damage. With these quick and easy tips to tame frizzy hair in the monsoons, you are ready to look beautiful. So, find out what works best for your hair texture to ensure smooth and shiny tresses.

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