Top 10 Brands At Amala Earth That Are Environment-friendly

While environmental pollution has become a cause of concern, several methods are coming into being to save the planet. One way of tackling the situation is by adapting to sustainable living. With the rising popularity of earth-friendly living, eco-products are highly in demand. You can find everything in this category, like everyday-use products, biodegradable packaging, organic clothing, reusable items and much more. 

June 5th is recognized as the World Environment Day, and moving towards an eco-conscious way of living is the perfect way to celebrate. Going eco-friendly is an excellent way to reduce plastic waste, which is also this year's Environment Day Theme - #BeatPlasticPollution. 



Here is a complete list of top environment-friendly brands to get started with.

  1. Boond Fragrance

Gone are the days when you used fragrances filled with alcohol & harmful chemicals. Today, you can smell good using all-natural products, thanks to brands like Boond Fragrance. They make organic perfumes for men and women using an ancient technique called deg-bhapka. These unique fragrances are made without using any chemicals or alcohol and are perfect for gifting purposes too.



  1. Purearth

Everyone enjoys keeping their skin fresh, healthy and glowing. You can buy skincare products made with natural ingredients like rose and honey for an enhanced experience. Purearth is amongst the most sustainable brands in India, offering eco-friendly face and skin products. You can use their eye serums, face cream or face masks. You should try their Gua Sha, a unique stone used for facial treatments.

  1. BioQ

If you want to know how to celebrate World Environment Day, there is no better way than to give back to the environment. You can purchase from BioQ, an eco-friendly brand that makes plantable stationery products. They use seed and recycled paper to make products like pens, pencils, and notebooks. Once you have used the products, plant the leftovers in the soil and watch them grow into plants, fruits and vegetables.



  1. Sarveda

Yoga and meditation have been ancient practices providing holistic well-being for centuries. These practices have promoted using brass and aluminium products believed to have healing powers. From Sarveda, you can buy traditional products like aluminium or brass singing bowls that are great for deep meditation. You can also opt for cotton meditation cushions or yoga belts for therapeutic mornings.

  1. Praakritik

Organic food products are gaining popularity not just for health reasons but also because they are grown organically. They are made of all-natural ingredients and are immensely beneficial. You can find everything from different types of ghee (chocolate ghee) and millet to tea and spices at Praakritik. You can buy these products and offer your family the best of health.

  1. Organic India

Organic India is among the most famous tea brands. From natural ingredients in their teas to biodegradable packaging, they are 100% environmentally friendly. You will find all types of tea that can help you relieve stress and anxiety. Not only tea, but you can also buy other ayurvedic and herbal products like spices, sugars and more from Organic India.

  1. Sirohi

Jute is a sustainable and natural fibre that has been used for centuries. It can make many valuable products such as charpai, trays and storage boxes. The brand Sirohi can benefit if you have been searching for excellent and trendy jute products. They use eco-friendly, durable and recycled materials to make unique and useful products.

  1. The Coppersmiths

Copper has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and promotes health and wellness. Over the past few years, copper has gained significant popularity and is considered a great alternative, especially for water bottles. You can get copper bottles, hand-printed glass, and jugs at The Coppersmiths

  1. Tangerine

Have you ever heard about bio-jewellery that is made from real herbs and spices? Yes, you heard us right! Tangerine is a bio-jewellery brand that creates sustainable jewellery using recycled materials and natural components such as flowers, seeds, spices and fruits. You can buy gorgeous 24k gold plated earrings, chains, bracelets, etc., from them. 

  1. With N

With N offers trendy, handwoven and handcrafted clothing options like dresses, shirts, pants and tops. They use natural fibres like organic cotton, mulberry silk, or linen for manufacturing their products. You can buy these on World Environment Day and encourage upcycling, recycling and sustainable fashion.



Final Thoughts


  • World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th to raise awareness for protecting the environment.
  • Using organic products helps in promoting sustainable and eco-conscious living.
  • Some famous eco-friendly brands are Tangerine, Sirohi, Sarveda, With N, Organic India, etc.

Embracing eco-friendly products is a step towards a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. Promote good health, wellness and environmental protection by purchasing from these brands and celebrate World Environment Day uniquely. 

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