This Summer, Be Hydrated Inside Out

Summer, the season of fun and excitement, is here. It is time to enjoy various outdoor adventures like beach trips, hikes, picnics, water sports, etc. From ice creams to cold beverages, several refreshing and delicious treats await. While doing all of it and enjoying the season to its fullest, do not forget to take care of yourself.

This summer guide will help you stay refreshed and rejuvenated in the hot weather. From hydrating copper bottles to cleansing soap bars for summer skincare, here is everything you will need in this scorching heat. You are bound to feel more energised by staying hydrated. Hydration is not simply about drinking lots of water; there is more to it.

Find ways below to care for your hydration and ensure a healthier, happier and more enjoyable summer season.

Copper Water Bottles

Drinking adequate water is a key step to follow during the summer season. It will regulate your body temperature and keep you cool. Drinking enough water can also reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses. Copper bottles are gaining popularity due to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

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Besides ensuring adequate water content in your body, the water from a copper bottle enhances skin regeneration and strengthens the immune system. Storing water in copper bottles will make it perfect for consumption. So, stay hydrated with copper bottles and beat the heat.

Refreshing Face Mists

Taking good care of your skin will prevent it from getting sweaty and dull, which is usually the case in summer. Refreshing face mists for summer will keep the skin temperature cool and ensure proper hydration. Besides, the repairing energies of several face mists have a calming effect on the mind and senses.

Rose, Rice Water, Cucumber, Lavender, Mogra, and Tea Tree are popular revitalising face mists for summer. Each comes with its own perk and can be used depending on the individual skin needs. For instance, lavender face mists best suit people with sensitive skin and reduce skin irritation. A face mist is an ideal way to give your skin - hydration, antioxidants, and glow.

Nourishing Moisturisers

Excessive summer heat can dehydrate your face and body. The best way to protect yourself is by applying nourishing moisturisers for hydrated skin. A cooling moisturiser adds a protective skin barrier and prevents inflammation, redness, irritation or sensitivity issues. Applying a moisturiser in summer is vital, regardless of your skin type - oily, dry, or combination.

Your face and skin will get nourished to the deepest layers and ensure a dewy freshness with a moisturiser. Butter Body Cream, Lavender Dew, Almond and Aloe, and Vanilla are a few options for moisturisers for glowing summer skin. Some moisturisers also offer anti-ageing benefits and are an excellent addition to your summer skin routine.

Cleansing Soap Bars

The hot weather can cause bacteria growth if not paid adequate attention. Cleansing your skin regularly will ensure impurities do not pile up and skin problems are at bay. You can use a multani touch bathing soap for effective summer cleansing. It is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin.

You can also use natural soap bars for summer cleansing, like the neem bathing soap. Neem is popular for its anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Good cleansing soap bars will relieve the unbearable summer heat with a refreshing experience.

Herbal Kombucha

The hydrating benefits of herbal kombucha will help keep your gut stay cool during the summertime. Kombucha is a fermented sweet-sour drink made using tea and offers several health advantages. Excessive heat can sometimes affect the liver; however, drinking kombucha can be immensely beneficial for the same.

Try herbal kombucha for hydration this summer to enjoy its refreshing and cooling effects. Other kombucha flavours are ginger, haldi, curry leaf, apple cinnamon, anardana, blue pea lemongrass, etc.



Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Copper bottles are a popular and beneficial way to stay hydrated during summer.
  • Mists protect and hydrate the face and body during excessive summer heat.
  • Drinking herbal kombucha in summer helps you stay cool and refreshed.

A bit of self-care with the temperature change can go a long way regarding your health. So, add these tips to your summer care routine to double the fun. Stay hydrated inside out to ensure a fun, relaxed, healthy summer season.

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