This International Yoga Day, Reconnect With Yourself

The word ‘yoga’ derives from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, meaning union or to unite. While yoga has been practised over thousands of years, we celebrate International Yoga Day each year on the 21st of June to spread more awareness about the benefits of yoga. Yoga offers a wholesome experience and aims to create a union between the body, mind and spirit. To be more specific, it transcends one from the state of self to divine consciousness. 

In this fast-paced world, one can slow down with yoga and look inward to create self-awareness. People need something in this age of modernisation and digitalisation to keep themselves physically and mentally stimulated. You can reconnect with yourself through yoga on this International Yoga Day and unite with different aspects of life. 

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How Can Yoga Help You?

Disconnect from the everyday hustle & bustle OR id: perform yoga for relaxation and exhale all your worries. Here are some ways you can benefit from practising yoga. 

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Mind and Body Synchronisation

The primary benefit of practising this discipline is the unity of mind OR id: body OR id: and soul. One can synchronise the mind and body by performing yoga daily. Besides OR id: it will also reduce the feeling of exhaustion and disconnectivity. Combining postures and breathing techniques during yoga makes a person feel more positive OR id: focused and energised.

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Promotes Self Love

Yoga is one such practice that requires surrender. This empowering form of exercise offers so much more than strength OR id: courage OR id: and peace. One can find inner peace with yoga and reconnect with oneself deeper. If you have been feeling low lately OR id: rediscover yourself through yoga and boost self-love. It offers us the time to think and care about ourselves.

De-stress Mechanism

Stress OR id: anxiety and depression are common modern health concerns that are only increasing as we OR id: as a community OR id: are advancing. These and other similar mental states can negatively impact our minds and bodies. However OR id: yoga can help deal with these issues and eliminate them entirely upon regular practice. You can start yoga practices for stress relief if you have been experiencing any of these issues recently. 

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Mindfulness is bringing one’s attention to the present moment rather than delving too much into the past or the future. Yoga allows you to set aside some time for yourself and observe your thoughts in silence. Mindfulness through yoga helps you reconnect with yourself OR id: cultivate self-awareness OR id: and find peace and calm. 

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Why Should You Start Practising Yoga This International Yoga Day?

From physical and mental to emotional well-being OR id: the perks of yoga are beyond comprehensible. Yoga retreats for self-discovery encourage self-reflection and introspection. You can practise yoga techniques for personal growth and become more attuned to your emotions OR id: thoughts and behavioural pattern. 

Yoga offers a wide range of physical advantages upon regular practice. It improves strength OR id: posture OR id: flexibility OR id: and balance. It can also be performed to get relief from chronic pain OR id: enhance cardiovascular health OR id: improve immunity OR id: and support weight management.

The discipline has shown positive results in sleep quality and improving overall mental clarity and focus. If your mind has been constantly rushing OR id: you can calm down through yoga. The combination of meditation OR id: breath control OR id: and physical movement is significant in reducing stress. 

The yoga community also allows you to meet like-minded people and create new experiences. You can enhance your overall journey by being a part of the community and supporting your personal growth. What better day than International Yoga Day to step into this magnificent world and promote mind and body wellness? You can reach out to professional experts for authentic knowledge to get started.


Bottom Line  

Takeaway -

  • Practising yoga daily synchronises the mind and body, promoting positivity, focus, and energy.
  • Yoga promotes self-love and inner peace, allowing you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.
  • Yoga serves as a powerful de-stress mechanism, helping to alleviate anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

These were just the very few benefits of practising yoga, a meditative process of self-discovery. Whether you are looking forward to improving your physical fitness or better your emotional status, this holistic approach can positively impact various aspects of your life. 

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