This Diwali, Don’t Forget to Get a Gift for Your Pets


Diwali is the time of the year when the young and the old are equally excited and enthusiastic. The whole month is filled with festivities, happiness and fun, and the celebrations continue even long after the Diwali festival. People of every age group all over the country await the festival, and the planning starts months before. Family and friends get together to celebrate the festival.

What adds to the excitement is the Diwali shopping and the exchange of gifts among friends and family. People share their happiness and joy during the festival by giving each other wonderful Diwali gifts. One can even buy Diwali gifts online from the comfort of their home and avail of amazing Diwali offers on online shopping.

When people are giving gifts for Diwali to everyone around them, how can they forget their pets? Those who own pets know that a pet is no less than a family member. It would be unfair to your pet friend when all your family members receive gifts from you, and he doesn’t. So, make this Diwali special for them as well by giving them amazing Diwali gift hampers.

If you’re wondering where to buy Deepavali gifts for your pets, Amala Earth is the place to be.  This online platform has Diwali gifts for families, including your pets. It has a thoughtfully curated collection of unique Diwali gifts to show love and care for pets. Let’s explore some of its pet care products.

Online Diwali gifts for pets

One can find high-quality pet care items that can be given as Diwali gifts to pets on Amala Earth. Some of the cheap Diwali gift ideas for pets are as follows:

Gluten-free treats


While everyone is busy enjoying Diwali sweets, your dog also needs something delicious. These gluten-free treats are a perfect combination of tasty and healthy. It is made of natural ingredients only and is grain-free. It helps in the healthy growth of puppies and is suitable for dogs of all breeds. A variation of these treats is the smart bites that help in the effective training and development of dogs.
Another dog treat is the Himalayan Hemp heart which is shelled seeds of hemp. It is rich in fibre and protein. It has an earthy nut-like flavour that can be added to your pet’s meal or eaten straight away. One can also shop for joint wellness treats for their dogs on Amala Earth. These mobility bites help in improving the movement and flexibility of joints. They come in many delicious flavours and textures and are soft to chew.
Treat your pets to these amazing bites this Diwali season!

Hemp seed oil

This oil is beneficial for the overall wellness of pets. It can be added to food or used externally for massages for silky smooth fur and great skin. This plant-based organic oil contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is good for dogs' ears, eyes, joints, nails and teeth. Moreover, it has a positive impact on their moods.
Using hemp seed oil with 500 mg CBD can improve your pet’s physical and mental health. Just make it a part of your cat’s or dog’s regular diet.
Start using the hemp seed oil for pets and see the difference within a matter of weeks.

Dog bandanas

Dress up your dog with these pretty dog tux bandanas for the Diwali celebrations. Amala Earth offers these dog bandanas in a variety of prints made from certified organic cotton. These bandanas are incredibly soft and easy to put on. They are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
Moreover, one can also find cotton kurtas for dogs. This ethnic wear does not make them feel left out when the whole family is dressed in traditional wear. It is handwoven and highly comfortable to wear.
Let your pets feel party-ready with these products.

Dog collar and leash set

This Diwali, give your dog this amazingly comfortable collar and leash set that can be worn the entire day. Many dogs are allergic to nylon and leather. But the collars and leashes on Amala Earth are made from pure breathable cotton, light-weight, and easy to wear. They are available in different colours. So, the next time you take your dog out for a walk, surprise him with this wonderful Diwali gift.

Dog pillow bed

This is a fantastic gift for your pet. The beds are made for extreme comfort. They are square-shaped so your dog can lie around the way he likes. The bed is made from pure cotton and has a linen seat. Linen has anti-static properties and is a natural insulator in all seasons. These beds come in different sizes and colours.
Along with the bed, shop for this cotton dog bone pillow to give your doggies something to rest their heads on while sleeping.
Our pets give us so much love and care. Giving them a cosy bed to sleep in and a space of their own is the least we can do.   

Pet-friendly bowls

Start feeding your dogs and cats in these pet-friendly bowls made from stainless steel. These slant-shaped bowls are made that way so that the dog can eat without pressing his face into the bowl. This reduces many breathing issues that your pet might face. These slant bowls are best for flat-faced dogs that can choke while eating in flat bowls.
So, these pet-friendly bowls are the perfect gift for Diwali to serve food and water to your pets.  

  • Pet care products

Many pet care products are available on Amala Earth. One of them is the anti-tick and flea oil for dogs that has a pleasant fragrance which can uplift the mood and relax the mind. Apply this on your dog’s skin and coat whenever he seems stressed or troubled.
Another is the hemp healing balm that can heal minor skin conditions and prevents infection. The liquid herbal spray can relieve open wounds and is entirely lick-safe.

Show your pets that you care for them by giving them these sustainable and healthy products from the exclusive collection of Amala Earth this festive season.

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness, festive gifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of adorable gifts for your pets only on its website.