The Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful and Sustainable Return Gifts
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Aug 26, 2022

India is shaping up to be among the strongest contributors to the global gifting industry by 2024, thanks to the vibrant culture of gifting here. Led by the flamboyance around festival celebrations combined with the ever-increasing web of marketing around special international celebratory days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, gifting has become an everyday affair based on one’s profession, social circle, and interests.

Within the thriving gifting industry is the steady, popular segment of return gifts. Although the origin of giving return gifts can be traced back to ancient Europe with kings, queens, and aristocrats gifting their guests, today, it has steadily made its way into regular occasions around the world. For any occasion – weddings, engagement, baby showers, birthday parties, housewarming parties, or even festival parties – return gifting has emerged as the most heartfelt way of thanking guests for having graced an occasion with their presence. As they say: “More than the gift, it is the thought behind it that matters.” Thus, return gifts to loved ones should reflect one’s love and gratitude for them.   

With growing awareness about the need to create a sustainable environment, there has been an increasing demand for eco-friendly gifts over the last decade. Also called green gifts, these products are made from natural, reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. 

Today, green gifts have expanded their scope beyond the use of eco-friendly raw materials. Non-hazardous manufacturing methods and an equitable labour environment are important criteria for gifts to be truly ‘green’. The demand for cruelty-free gift products is a huge step towards establishing a responsible society and habitable planet for the future.

Creating a culture of eco-friendly return gifts among children could be the best way to prepare them to be responsible citizens of the future. Read on for a compilation of seven innovative and awesome products that can be lovely yet sustainable return gifts for children.


  1. Plantable Seed Pencils

Pencils are considered not just a writing tool by many, but they are also a symbol of learning and creativity. Uneako’s Plantable Seed Pencils have a seed capsule at the end and can be one of the most memorable and responsible return gifts, especially for young students. The end capsule comprises a few seeds of a flower or a vegetable. Once the pencil has been used to the tip containing the seeds, it can be planted in the soil. The capsule starts to dissolve, and soon the seeds start germinating. A perfect return gift for birthday parties, for children and adults alike! 


  1. DIY Gardening Herb Kits

Children are the citizens of the future. It is the responsibility of parents and elders to instil in them a sense of social and community responsibility early in their lives.

The DIY Gardening Herb Kit by Sow and Grow is a brilliant way to encourage kids to be responsible towards the environment. The package comprises a four-inch biodegradable pot, four coco coins, vermicompost to aid the growth of the saplings, and three herb kits: mint, coriander, and Italian basil. Planting instructions are given in detail on the package. In addition to being an activity they can enjoy doing, the DIY Gardening Herb Kits are the perfect way to encourage children to use environmentally conscious and sustainable products as gifts.


  1. Hand Carved Wooden Stamp Set 

Children are full of imagination and creativity. Their minds are like fertile land waiting to transform the seeds that fall on them.

The Wooden Stamp Set by Shumee is one such spark that could fire a child’s imagination. The highlight is a set of five handcrafted travel-themed stamps made of sheesham wood that will ignite children’s imagination and curiosity, unleash their inner artist, and, in the process, help them develop their fine motor skills too. In addition to the wooden stamps, the package also contains a bottle of non-toxic, water-based, child-safe coloured ink, a notebook, and a small bag for stamping. These Hand Carved Wooden Stamp Sets will make a perfect return gift for children’s birthday parties.



  1. Plantable Calendar 2022 with Wooden Stand

All Indians eagerly look forward to the second part of the year. Why? Because the second part of the year is the time of numerous festivals and celebrations. This is especially true for children who eagerly look forward to the Diwali holidays and the end-of-year holidays.

At this time, calendars suddenly become an essential tool for planning festival celebrations and related travels. Although mobile phones have the most accessible calendar, every household will always have a physical calendar that they refer to. Sadly, most calendars are made of non-recyclable materials and end up as non-biodegradable waste.

This is the perfect occasion to gift children a calendar that will not only show them dates but also teach them to be environmentally conscious. The innovative Plantable Calendar with Wooden Stand by BioQ is made of 100% recyclable paper and seed paper and comes with an easy-to-assemble MDF stand with options to keep a pen and pencil at the back. A perfect return gift for children, with a subtle message to use eco-friendly products!


  1. Amala Earth Kids Gift Box 

Sustainable, eco-friendly gifts should encourage children to live a mindful and conscious life without compromising on the fun part of it. The Amala Earth Kids Gift Box is one such example, specially produced using all organic and natural products. The package comprises seven seed bags made of jute, a pack of two kids’ bamboo brushes, and an upcycled toy. But it also contains five colour pencils with a diary, 250 grams each of raisins, roasted cacao beans, and toasted millet muesli, and vegan chocolate cookies—a terrific way to encourage children to be responsible and choose sustainable products, and still, have fun!

Check out these fantastic products and many more on Amala Eartha community-driven organisation deep-rooted in Indian culture. Find eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands and products made from locally and ethically sourced organic raw materials under one roof here. Amala Earth has a catalogue of over 20,000 sustainable products, creatively categorised under eight themes based on individual needs, which has some innovative and unique products that can serve as the perfect return gift for loved ones.

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