The Ultimate Guide To Earth-Friendly Yoga And Workout Wear

In a world where environmental consciousness is paving the way for change, making simple sustainable choices in terms of the workout for your Yoga sessions, can go a long way in minimising the use of hazardous materials and healing the earth. 

A few things that come to mind when we think of the word Yoga are mindfulness, compassion and calm. A means to a spiritually evolved existence, Yoga is making waves globally, causing an increase in demand for workout wear and Athleisure. This is where it becomes necessary to address an important topic related to workout clothing. Is the workout clothing you are using environmentally safe? What are the alternatives to hazardous materials used in regular Yoga workout clothing?

What about Sustainable, Ethical and Organic Workout Clothing?

The stylish workout wear you wear while performing a Yoga Asana is usually made of nylon and polyester; these materials, called synthetic polymers, are plastics derived from petroleum. As a socially, environmentally, and informed individual, it would help to recognize the problems attached to using this material. 

The production of synthetic polymers releases greenhouse gases that are choking the atmosphere; making things worse, the end product is non-biodegradable. In addition, while being laundered, these synthetic materials release a microscopic plastic fibre, called ‘micro fibres’, that eventually ends up in the ocean. In the oceans, the fibres are consumed by marine animals, posing a direct threat to marine life. 

Before we discuss the substitutes for these environmentally scarring workout clothes, it would be helpful to reflect upon the characteristics to look for in the ideal workout and Yoga wear. 

Ideal Characteristics to Look for in Workout or Yoga Wear

Comfort comes first, as you do not want discomfort to come in the way of learning a complex Asana. Breathability to wick off sweat is the next factor to take into consideration. Lastly, durability and fit are other factors worth considering. Throw in eco-friendly wear to this mix, and there you have it, organic workout wear for men, women and anyone who wants to join the community aiming toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

The question that now arises is how do you compare and contrast organic workout wear and conventional Athleisure? It is the sole purpose of companies like Amala Earth that have created an immersive space for mindful and ethical brands looking to promote holistic wellness. Amala Earth provides a wide range of eco-friendly choices that you can choose from, irrespective of age or gender. 

The Ultimate Guide 

Organic cotton t-shirts are a great way to start your journey towards revamping your workout wardrobe. Almost all brands on the Amala Earth website manufacture products using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton. To ensure a sustainable future, these brands not only use chemical-free biodegradable dyes. In addition, they have initiated 'green' campaigns like planting trees for each sale. You can now plant a tree merely by clicking on your screen and purchasing organic workout clothing. 

You can pair the men’s organic cotton t-shirts in any colour that appeals to the eye with black joggers for men. Alternatively, you may also consider pairing a cotton polo t-shirt, made with 100% cotton without Lycra, with cotton shorts. The outfit works wonderfully for that post-workout semi formal look. 

Meanwhile, the industry for workout wear for women is simultaneously growing. Black joggers, with zero polyester and Lycra, mid-rise cotton pants with cotton crop t-shirts or women's organic cotton t-shirts, are best suited for stylish minimalists. The ultra-softness, versatility and comfort provided by this simple outfit work wonders for a not-so-tense yoga class. A newcomer to the fitness industry, raglan sleeve tops are game-changing in design—loosely fitted tops that could pair well with cotton shorts or even black joggers, ideal for any kind of yoga session. 

These sustainable, eco-friendly brands enhance fit, fabric and fashion whilst making ethical manufacturing choices. From using certified organic fabric to employing locals to produce high-quality workout wear for men and women - they imbibe sustainability in their brand ethos and production process. With a colour palette that is subtle and nude, the brands appeal to minimalists. To cater to demands for trendy workout wear, the brands have also come up with stylish prints. The cherry on top, though, has to be the level of comfort their ultra-soft fabric unlocks.  

A report by Research and Markets illustrates that the activewear market has observed consistent growth during the last decade, surmounting fast fashion since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The customer base for activewear brands is expanding. India, in fact, is home to one of the fastest-growing workout wear markets in the world. The growing community of niche Indian activewear brands has steadily embraced elements of sustainability - a critical part in key fashion conversations recently. 

Well-known Indian Athleisure brands like SOHFIT and Satva, along with up-and-coming ones like BlissClub, have joined the movement and are intriguing customers with their environment-friendly products. From a trendy piece of Raglan sleeve top to a simple organic t-shirt, the sheer variety of organic products by Indian brands is impressive. To find the best of these high-quality products made from natural fabrics, it would be advisable that you visit the Amala Earth website today!

Yoga, at the core, is about harmonising your mind, chakra and virtues. What better way to achieve the key goals of Yoga, than exercising your right to a sustainable future? Making more mindful, informed, and conscious choices is a great, and perhaps the most effective, way to contribute to the environment. So, begin your journey towards environmental improvement today! Amala Earth is there to help you achieve the goal every step of the way. All you need to do is browse through the extensive collection of responsible fashion products and choose your pick!